tlc army chilli

Spirit FM’s Robyn Montague interviewed Chilli about the new TLC album, working with Snoop Dogg, and the massive UK response to the recent TLC show in London. A portion of the interview has been posted to the station’s YouTube channel (linked below).

To recap:

When Robyn asked Chilli how the album came about, she responded:  It was one of those things that kind of came into play. T-boz wasn’t really excited about making new music during that time, and then when she kind of started to get excited about it, you know those 360 deals at record labels and they don’t act as a 360 company so we weren’t interested in deals like that because it just didn’t make sense with all that we’ve gone through in the past.  So, when we decided to do this with Kickstarter and our fans, then the excitement came out.

Robyn – Because literally, the fans are actually paying you to make this music.  They are so interested in hearing more stuff from you guys which must feel amazing to have people want you to release it so badly.

Chilli – Oh yeah, I mean because of their contributions we were able to record the album so this is their album as well as ours.

Robyn – Self titled TLC, I have listened to some of the tracks on there and I’ve really enjoyed them especially Way Back featuring Snoop.  Why did Snoop Dogg decide to feature, was it because you knew him way back?

Chilli – Yeah, we go way back, like a little way back with him, but not too way back (laughs).  When we really listened to the song and decided that we wanted a feature, he was the first and only person that came to mind because the track definitely has a West Coast feel to it and he was the perfect choice.  We were like hopefully he will want to do it, and he did.  We sent him the song and he put his magic on there.

Robyn – You’ve been to the UK recently as well.  You had a sold out show in KOKO, London was it?

Chilli – Yes, yes.  That was amazing. It was massive, as you say. We cannot wait to come back.  We’re so excited, it was so much love.  I could barely hear my own self singing because everybody was singing along with us and the response was great when we performed two of the new songs.

Spirit FM also recently posted an article about the return of TLC, which reveals some interview answers from Chilli that were not included in the above clip. To read the article, click here.