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TLC to headline Australian Open tournament 2018

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TLC will be headlining their first tennis tournament in front of millions at the Australian Open on 28 January, 2018!

The show will be held at the Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park ahead of the tennis tournament. Australia’s DJ Horizon will open for the girls.

The summer of 2018 will see the return of tennis champion Serena Williams, as well as Novak Djokovic (SRB) and Andy Murray (GBR) along with Kei Nishikori (JPN) and Stan Wawrinka (SUI).

Defending champion Roger Federer and world No.1 Rafael Nadal, who swept the Grand Slam pool in 2017, show no sign of slowing down as they prepare for more success during the Australian summer.


Take a look at the full live music line-up below.

The AO Live Stage runs from January 14 to 28. Access is included in the price of a ground pass, which you can purchase here.

AO Live Stage 2018 line-up
Jimmy Barnes
Dallas Crane
Vera Blue
Dean Lewis
The Jungle Giants
The Creases
James Reyne
Daryl Braithwaite
Meg Mac
Andy McMahon
Hoodoo Gurus
Davey Lane
Pierce Brothers
The Rubens
Gretta Ray
Client Liaison
Northeast Party House
Bliss n Eso
Gavin James
Tina Arena
Ali Barter
DJ Horizon


T-Boz on Sexual Harassment: “It Happened To Me Too”


Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins took a moment to talk to Celeste Headlee about her brand new book of memoirs “A Sick Life: Stories From On and Off the Stage“, and opens up about her greatest life accomplishments, as well as her many experiences in the music industry!

T-Boz vs Tionne

“I’m the same person, ultimately. It’s just another alter ego of mine. But, at the end of the day I’m always Tionne, I was born that way and I’ll die that way. T-Boz is just my performance person. You just basically put on more. I wouldn’t walk around being like that.”

Celebrities who act as their celebrity personas in real life

“I don’t like a lot of celebs, because they walk around like they are on stage all day, it’s annoying. I know people who don’t want to be called by their birth name, they only want to be called by their stage name or they just act like they’re on all the time. If you’re behind closed doors and we’re real people, leave that alone. Why are you still going on? It makes no sense to me.”

Problems with Aretha Franklin

“Difficult sometimes? Everytime I met her! Everybody in the industry was like ‘she is so mean’. She was difficult, but hey, I take it with a grain of salt. She doesn’t hinder my career, so I guess we just won’t be cool and I’ll just like her from afar. It’s just sad when you look up to someone as a child then meet them and they are just not how you wish they were.”

Keeping her children grounded

“I don’t give my kids the celeb life. I don’t care how rich my kid was at 17, my child wouldn’t be buying a mansion, because that’s not normal parenting. My 17 year old is not buying a house even if she could afford it, that’s just crazy.”

Sexual harassment in the entertainment business

“It happened to me too, but I just didn’t take it serious. Some are deeper than others. I think it shouldn’t have taken one person to say something for everybody to come out of the woodwork. Then you have to weed out the people who have legitimate issues and then those who just want a check and make up stories. It’s sad because people really do get raped and it’s horrible for you to do stuff like that. Maybe it’s the jolt people need to speak up. If you’re really violated and you’re not looking for a check, speak up. Especially if the person can’t get to you, harm you, make you lose your money or whatever, say something.”

Body enhancements

“In the day of social media for this album I wrote “Perfect Girls”, because it seems like kids are striving to be perfect, and no one is perfect. We all have flaws, we all have insecurities. I’m not knocking anyone who has plastic surgery but let’s be real, the reason we get it is because we wanted to enhance something we didn’t like about ourselves. I hate when people lie about stuff like that. Some of these doctors need to be slapped! These girls overdo their butts, it looks crazy! They look out of proportion!”



Tanner Shea shares TLC slumber party stories and discusses their best videos


Tanner Shea is fresh from his incredible slumber party with T-Boz and Chilli to join Kevin Aeh and Graham Nolan at Talk This Way podcast to discuss all things TLC!

In this episode the guys are debating about what the greatest TLC music video is of all time! Their opinions differ which make this a great show! Complete with plenty of trivia behind the videos!

And Tanner gets into how his sleepover with TLC went down!

How Tanner got the sleepover?

I was on my way to Antarctica, and right before I got on the boat I get a text from my little sister saying check out the article on this link! So, I look at the Kickstarter and there was a description of the prizes that one gets, ‘$10 for this CD etc’. I won’t name the amount that I spent, but there was a prize for a sleepover at T-Boz’s house. I knew I wasn’t going to get service for like 2 weeks, so I was just like ‘click’, and I did it!

How it went down

I thought it was going to be super regimented, two hours, three hours tops, get out, thanks for your contribution. We ended up spending like 7 hours and a half together, it was incredible, it was a night. Katy Perry infamously bought one of the 5 slots, she did not show, she had a concert that night. So, I was thinking, who are these other freaks [going to be]! I know my level of craziness. The only other person that showed up was someone from Fader magazine. She was a millennial girl who kinda liked them. Everyone else was a celebrity or a company who were like we can’t be there for whatever reason, so I was literally the only private donor. So, I’m the freak show of the night, hands down! I wore blue silk pyjamas, with Creep on the back.

What happened?

They are silly. When they are silly in their videos they’re not acting. T-Boz is legit cool and sweet. She is not too cool for school. Chilli likes playing ding dong ditch. She kinda set it up and said ‘back in the day me, Lisa and Tionne would just run around and knock on doors all night in the hotel!’. We did that for about an hour! It was great! There was a moment we were watching a scary movie, the new Amityville Horror movie, T-Boz loves horror movies. I feel a movement in my hand and it’s Chilli eating chips out of my hand with her eyes locked on the screen! It was super cute and really great. We had a special moment in time and we got real big hugs at the end!

What About Your Friends?

What About Your Friends is like Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg to the next level! It’s like a New Jack Swing choreography. There’s two versions of the video, one with a fashion show and the regular version. The version on YouTube is like girls that take over a fashion show – and it’s trash. If your shit is good you don’t need to make fun of the status quo. If you want to see 90’s fashion, watch that video. At the end of the video they dress up as Hillbilly’s like they do at the end of Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg.


They fired the first director, it was bad lighting and their style hadn’t evolved very much. They see a Salt N Pepa video on MTV and ask why no one is trying to do it better than them and call the director, Matthew Rolston. It opens with them in silk pyjamas, they have glamour shots, dual toned backdrops. There’s a floating blue trumpet that we see every now and again, very Crystal Waters. There’s scenes with them rehearsing. Then we see T-Boz in a sepia toned Jazz club with Omar Lopez playing the trumpet behind her, Janet Jackson’s love interest in the “If” video! TLC had their own choreographer and Matthew had his! T-Boz said there were other choreographers but she was TLC’s choreographer. She created most of the dance moves for them, she said okay we’ll take a little bit of this move and that move. She did the down movements. The other creative difference they had with the director was what to wear. They didn’t want to wear sexy 90’s outfits, they like baggy clothes. So they agreed on the iconic silk pyjamas. $1000 a pair! It’s athletic sexy with the abs. And we get to see T-Boz’s new bangs! 

Listen to the full podcast for more hilarious topical commentary about the legendary TLC!

Be sure to check the guys out at for more fun episodes!

And check Tanner Shea out at





TLC Announced On 2018 ‘RNB Vine Days’ Australian Tour With Boyz II Men & Shaggy


TLC Vine Days 2018

TLC are heading back down under next year!

From the team who brought us the annual RNB Fridays concerts, the ladies, who last toured Australia in 2016, will be headlining the first ever RNB Vine Days tour, along with Boyz II Men and special guest Shaggy!

This time, the tour will be exclusively held at various wine venues for a show-stopping night of live outdoor entertainment!

In addition to RNB Vine Days, TLC and Boyz II Men will also be performing on select dates in New Zealand!

DJ’s Yo! Mafia and DJ Horizon will be providing the music to keep the party pumping between sets, so you won’t want to miss out on this spectacular event!

The tour will hit Christchurch, Sydney, CanberraQueensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Tickets go on sale November 24, with a pre-sale on November 22.

To access the Frontier Touring pre-sale, sign up to be a member on the website HERE!

 TLCVinedays (1)















For more details head over to

Credit to Ian Santiago/Dinesh Indraharan


One (1) Reserved Seating OR GA Standing ticket
• Meet & greet with TLC and Boyz II Men
• Photo opportunity with TLC and Boyz II Men


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TLC Costume Designer Brea Stinson Reveals How She Amps Up Their Style On Tour


Grammy-winning girl group TLC, who stopped in Vegas last month for their “I Love the ’90s” tour, their nostalgic fans not only want to hear their favorite hits but want to see iconic outfits from past music videos.

“The one thing I use for inspiration is to try to create something people want to re-create for Halloween — that’s how you know it’s good,” said the group’s costume designer, Brea Stinson, who reimagined TLC’s futuristic wardrobe in 1999’s “No Scrubs.”

“They are Michael Jackson fanatics, so I tried to bring in Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ era mixed with the [all-black] look from ‘No Scrubs’ — it’s a hybrid but recognizable to TLC’s aesthetic; sexy but a little bit of a tomboy.”

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas (third member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes died in 2002) played to an audience at the open-air Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, which Stinson said presented challenges because alterations had to be made to adjust for the sweltering heat. In fact, one week ahead of the Vegas show, Thomas suffered dehydration while performing in Concord, Calif., at an amphitheater, Stinson recalled.

tlc-90s-tour (1)

“This year’s costumes are made of vegan leather and satin, with lots of hardware,” Stinson said, adding that changes such as swapping leather for all-satin jackets and short-sleeve versions of the costumes in lighter fabrics were made. “We create sex appeal and a cool factor; they still dance like it’s 1992.”

Watkins and Thomas wear only one costume throughout the tour — mixing the look with Isabel Marant hiking boot sneakers in black with a natural gum sole and New Rock combat boots in black with silver accents.

Costume designer Brea Stinson has worked for Beyonce, Rita Ora and TLC

“We have to make sure [the shoes] have grips because they dance so much, and you never know the condition of stages,”Stinson said. “Another important factor is ankle support, so sneakers will be a high-top and boots will be a midcalf silhouette for ankle support.”

Some other strategic measures the costume designers took with footwear include lacing and fit. “If Tionne is wearing a high-top or boot, then we tie it around her ankle instead of lacing it — we take it and go around the ankle for added support and double-knot it in the back to make sure it doesn’t come undone. I double-knot Chilli’s laces twice in the front.”

Footwear News


[Listen] TLC “No Scrubs” with Left Eye (Acoustic Version)


Check out this amazing acoustic version of the R&B classic TLC‘s No Scrubs, introduced by and featuring the one and only Left Eye!

It’s a unique example of how awesome a TLC Unplugged LP would have sounded!

You can hear more songs like this on the new Ministry Of Sound Stripped album, out now.

Credit to Andy Hastings @andyetc