The legendary Chuck D of the hip hop group Public Enemy is a big fan of TLC and understands the importance behind the group.

He stated on Twitter that the girls should make an album every year because they are an act people want to hear from!



Chuck D is correct with that statement, that is the reason TLC were able to raise funds for their 5th album via Kickstarter within 48 hours!

When a legend like Chuck D makes bold statement like that, you know the impact TLC has on the world was very powerful and relevant to this day.


Chuck D also hinted that he wouldn’t mind seeing Lil Mama add her rap flava to give a feel of what Left Eye would have provided to the girls current work.


With or without a Lil Mama feature, the new TLC album is going to be another masterpiece we cannot wait to hear!

And we TOTALLY agree that a TLC album every year would be an amazing idea!