Listen: TLC ‘R&B Matters’ on Spotify


TLC stopped by at the Spotify headquarters to provide an exclusive interview on the ‘R&B Matters’ podcast, the first episode in a new series of interviews.


Credit: Raina M/Alexander G.

TLC want your Fan Mail!


Before the world could tweet and instachat, there was good old fashioned communication in the form of postal mail!

If you would like to send TLC your love in handwritten form, you can send the ladies your FANMAIL at this address!

TLC FANMAIL, P.O. Box 20074, Atlanta, GA 30325



TLC release “American Gold” June 23!


The latest track to be lifted from the new TLC album is the thought provoking, powerful and uplifting track “American Gold“!

The song will be available to everyone who has already pre-ordered the album, as well as Spotify and TLCVEVO so go and check your accounts after midnight!

The album will be released on June 30.

Watch: TLC “Haters”


TLC launched the official music video for their anti-bullying anthem “Haters” in the early hours of June 21 on TLCVEVO and iTunes.

The video was shot back-to-back along with the video for “Way Back” on April 20, directed by Chris Robinson and his son Lil Chris (LCRF).

The video features numerous fans who were invited by the girls to take part in the video with them, and they had a blast!

“Haters” launches an anti-bullying campaign the girls are supporting.

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TLC sign their Kickstarter albums!


TLC are in the process of signing all their CD album covers as part of the rewards on Kickstarter for those who pledged for it!

Fans who missed out on the Kickstarter won’t be completely left out, as for a limited time, you can order yourself a signed copy of the album from Newbury Comics!

June 30 is approaching thick and fast, and we are so excited for the official return of TLC!

Signing Your Autographed #TLC CD's Covers #tlcarmy #tboz #tbeezy #chilli #lefteye Their Coming!!!

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TLC launch anti-bullying campaign on Wednesday!


The legendary queens that are TLC are set to put a stop to bullying this Wednesday!

The ladies teased a launch of something special to encourage their fans to ignore the haters in their lives, build on their self confidence using a measure of motivators and make bullies think twice!

Could this be the debut of their inspirational music video for their anti-bullying anthem, “Haters”?

Stay tuned!

Chilli reveals a Left Eye interlude will be on new TLC album!


Chilli spoke exclusively to the lovely Emma Power on the Irish urban radio station RTE Pulse for an update on the latest in the world of TLC!

Chilli professed her adoration for UFC world champion boxer Conor McGregor and her excitement and nerves upon the release of the upcoming Kickstarter-funded TLC album released on June 30!

Chilli also revealed that the tribute to Left Eye on the album will come in the form of a heart felt TLC interview from back in the day, which carries the true, fun essence of Left Eye.

And why there aren’t any featured Left Eye raps on the album? “Somebody’s holding them hostage, and so they’re not letting anybody get them, so it’s whatever.”

Listen to the full interview below!