Charmaine Reveche Miguel with TLC at the hotel

It’s one thing having your hopes and dreams of TLC visiting your country come true, but to get to meet them in person is another one of a kind experience any superfan will never forget!

Meet Charmaine, probably the biggest TLC fan in the Philippines. She met the girls once in Australia in 2014 in an organized meet and greet. There were no such packages in the Philippines, so Charmaine relied on hope and luck to meet the girls this time – and those dreams came true!


Charmaine with TLC in Australia, June 2014

Charmaine stayed in the same hotel as T-Boz and Chilli, and while having breakfast she spotted the girls from across the room! She built up the courage to approach them and of course they welcomed her with open arms!



Chilli insisted they sign Charmaine’s TLC shirt!

T-Boz even joked about Charmaine making me jealous by signing her CrazySexyCool red cap, and she was right. Because I love that cap, but I am also super happy for her to get this amazing opportunity with the girls!


Charmaine’s signed CrazySexyCool snapback

Meant To Be!



Only a true fan will understand this!


Charmaine with Lelee of SWV