Dear Lie

Originally a poem in the book “Thoughts Vol 1” written by T-Boz, the 3rd and final single from TLC’s Fanmail album was the light rock guitar-ballad “Dear Lie”, co-written and produced by Dallas Austin.


Left Eye in the Dear Lie video

LA Reid had planned to release “Dear Lie” overseas, and release “Shout” in the US, during the hugely successful Fanmail tour.


‘Dear Lie’ was inspired by ‘What’s My Name?’ in Thoughts by T-Boz

“Shout” never did get a single release, which was to be remixed by Sheila E. and feature Enrique Iglesias.


T-Boz in Dear Lie

“Dear Lie” was released internationally, and became a fan favorite overseas when it was released in the fall of 1999, making a big impact in the UK, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, reaching the top 40 and receiving regular radio airplay.


The ladies hired Billie Woodruff to direct the music video to support the single, which was notably a lot more sombre and stripped back in comparison to their previous videos.

T-Boz and Chilli shot scenes in turmoil with their inner lies, portraying themselves as alter egos in the video.

Left Eye shot scenes strutting and posing in the corridors, keeping the TLC humor as she knocked a door and ran away at the end of the video!


It was a difficult time for TLC as the video was shot around the time the girls were having personal differences and released statements against each other in the press.

“Dear Lie” sadly became the final single to be released by TLC as a trio.

LA Reid decided not to release any further singles from Fanmail as the tour came to an end after they decided to record a pay-per-view TV special.


Chilli in Dear Lie

The Fanmail tour wasn’t taken overseas. A tour DVD is still a hopeful possibility for fans worldwide.

But in the meantime, lets not forget this epic single which often gets overlooked!