TLC on Sunrise

TLC caught up with Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew backstage at their Sydney show on Nov 15 to discuss their legacy, their kids, Haters and their plans to beat the Spice Girls and reclaim their worldwide #1 girl group status!


Edwina backstage with TLC

On Spice Girls

“We have more work to do because we wanna beat them! We wanna be number one everywhere! Not just in the States, but over there too.”

On Left Eye

“There can never be another person in this group, to take her place, its impossible. This is the new TLC, and that’s that.”

On how their children view there superstardom

T-Boz: “It’s cool to be, you know, the TLC girl when it comes in handy to get her in backstage in a concert or something like that, other than that I need to remain as mom at all times, and my son is 15 months old, so he doesn’t know who his mommy is yet, so he’ll find out.”

Chilli: “His friends think I’m so cool and its cool your mom is in TLC, so he’s always, you know, the proud son”.

On “Haters”

“If you go on social media there’s haters all day. There’s a whole bunch of computer thugs out right now. Like, all they do is sit and cyber bully everyone. Back in the day it used to be about liking someone’s craft, now its about how can I break this person down to make myself feel better. Haters are gonna hate, don’t let them stop you”