TLC stopped by at New Zealand radio station Mai FM to spin some of their favorite tracks live on air and answer some questions K’Lee got fans of TLC to send in, and of course they were willing to answer them all, no holds barred!

Did you suffer from a brain tumor?

T-Boz: “Yes. True. I lost my sight, my speech, my hearing and my balance. But God made to be so I’m supposed to be here!”

Did your daughter [Chase Rolison] play you in the TLC film, CrazySexyCool?

T-Boz: “She is sweet sixteen, so she is about to start taking acting lessons. Yes, she wants to be an actress, so we had the opportunity so I was like, why can’t she play me? She knows her mommy better than anybody. She came from mommy. So they had her audition, I was like, okay, but she can play her mom. It was a small part, but you gotta start from somewhere. And she can sing, she just did a cover of Britney’s Baby One More Time”.

Are you and Nick Cannon dating?

Chilli: “We’re just good friends, with great chemistry. It was fun doing the video”.

Was Usher’s Confessions about you?

Chilli: “No, it wasn’t. Not one song on that album was about our relationship, it was about Jermaine Dupri actually.”

Who or what inspired the song “Creep”?

T-Boz: “That was a situation with me and Dallas was all in the middle of it! So, we satdown in the studio and decided to write about my situation, and that’s where that came about. It was a real situation”. 

What’s one of your favorite old school jams?

T-Boz: “Marvin Gaye ‘I Want You’, that is my favorite song. Like, that song I can clean up to, feel sad to, happy to, EVERYTHING to! It just makes me feel some kinda way, I love that song. Everybody wants to be wanted (laughs)”.

Chilli: “Michael Jackson ‘Human Nature’, it just makes me feel some kinda way when I hear it. The music, and then when he starts singing.. all of it”.

What was one of your favorite all time moments with Left Eye?

Chilli: “When she stayed with me for a little while, and we would be in the basement spray painting our overalls and stuff, so that was a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun putting that all together and be excited to see T and show her everything that we did. I had many moments but that one in particular was one of my favorites.”

T-Boz: “Just sitting there having talks and stuff, bonding time I guess. Because you always have fun together, she was a ball of fun. But the funniest stuff was when she was trying to be all serious and on video shoots, and she would fall over a bridge or fall out of chairs and stuff like that, she was so clumsy. I laugh when people fall, that had me rolling! I do, I laugh when I fall! I’d be tore up on the floor and still laugh! But I’d say bonding time and getting to know each other”.

I don’t wanna see you guys take a fall on stage!

T-Boz: Don’t jinx us! We don’t want that to ever happen! (laughs)

Chilli: I’ve tripped, but didn’t fall all the way down!

T-Boz: I tripped on TV, oh my God, I will never forget the one time, I was so happy. We used to do the Hat 2 Da Back and go and reach out and reach up and be on the ground and get up. I tripped over and I was like oh my God if I fall, I would have busted my butt!”.