Celebrating Thanksgiving in Australia

It was cute that they tried to make a dinner because they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over there. I have never in my whole career ever missed a Thanksgiving with my family! And my family is so sweet, they waited for me to come back to have a real meal with me. They didn’t even eat on Thanksgiving so we could do it together.  So, thank you mommy, Chase, Chance, Carnoy, thank all my family, so awesome.

But anyway, we went to a barbeque restaurant and they had some kind of turkey. The macaroni wasn’t good, the greens they did pretty good. It wasn’t MY kind of collard greeens but they did good, I have to say. But I just have to say that it was a nice gesture for trying to make us Americans feel at home on a holiday that’s important to us in America. But I am never working on a Thanksgiving again, I just wanna say!

The overseas tour 

The tour was an awesome tour, so many sold out shows! It was nice to see so many generations come and see us. It was just really cool, so I can’t wait to tour over here, I’m contemplating going out in the summer. So we’ll keep you posted on that!

The TLC album

The album is being mixed, y’all. We get all these questions, and when you’re only one person, and one group and whatever, there’s only so much you can do to spread yourself out between solo endeavors, being a mom, being this, being that, but the album for the most part is done and new years drawing near when we said it would be out in the first quarter. 

I just think a date should have never been given because producers and the political game is so unpredictable and people’s schedules are so hard to get together. It was just H-E-L-L! Hockey sticks, to get people’s schedule’s together. They were about to drive me to drink! Good thing I don’t, honey, or I’d be a little wino running around here, you know what I’m saying!

T-Boz Unplugged

Thanks to everyone for supporting my cause and what I’m trying to do. Stay tuned for more information on performances and information. Janurary 15 at AVALON. Go to http://www.TBozUnplugged.com for tickets or just to donate. Anything helps, it all goes to the children to help with sickle cell and children with blood disorders.