This week T-Boz took to Twitter and her weekly show My Block on Dash Radio to vent her frustrations and disgust about cyber bullies on the internet and people’s inappropriate behavior on social media. She has even considered quitting social media  because of it!

“As Much As I Love Y’all I’m Seriously Contemplating Getting Rid Of My Social Media! I know I HV 2 Promote Things Other Than Thats It” T-Boz stated on Twitter. “Let me explain! Nothing happened y’all are the BEST & ONLY thing good about it 4 Me! But I Don’t like how Companies measure celebs on numbers and not worth or accolades I HATE how these fools argue their personal issues over social media.”

“It’s embarrassing and asinine! And they’ve given f*cktards a platform even though their not worth my breath sometimes my inner BC wants 2 Slap the sh*t out of them literally! And I’ve never liked negative outlets EVER and it’s a cesspool of it! Smh”.

T-Boz also touched on dealing with the haters on social media, questioning why they bother. “The term if you don’t have anything good to say keep it to yourself. When I think some things, I just keep it to myself. I don’t actually go and look up the persons name, add them and say blah blah blah blah blah! You’re a dumb f*ck if you do that, and that means there’s a lot of dumb f*ckers out there because that’s all you see everyday. I don’t know their page, I don’t know nothing about them but just happen to scroll across them I’ll be like oh that’s that person I don’t like and keep it moving“.

T-Boz keeps her account because she loves interacting with the fans and enjoying the funny videos posted, and keeps social media primarily for promoting her solo endeavors like T-Boz Unplugged and MyBlock Radio, it’s the other things that come with it she dislikes.

People get mad when I say this, but I’m black, I’m probably blacker than the darkest heffer out there , but know this: I don’t see no other race on Twitter and Instagram argue the way black people do, its embarrassing. I just wanna slap each one of them, everytime I see like custody battles, on Instagram? It’s hard for me to fathom what that’s even like. If you don’t have the persons number we are all in this industry. They got managers, accountants, lawyers.You can find just about anybody you want to, you can even DM them for that matter. Why is the whole world in your argument? I don’t see other nationalities doing it the way black people do. Now black people wanna hoop and holler when I say that but you know I’m right and if you’re hooping and hollering a hit dog will holler, just know that and I’m talking about your ass. At the end of the day it’s sickening to my stomach the way you take personal matters and put it out there on the platform for everybody“.

T-Boz made clear its the constant negativity which is fueled by the media encouraging drama which she cannot stand. She mentioned how the haters and keyboard thugs who have the balls to talk mess behind the computer would NEVER dare say it to her in person!

Also, too many kids are taking their own lives over cyber bullying. It’s a major issue which needs to be tackled ASAP before it gets any more out of hand.