Fashion Stylist Lenecia Porro reminisces TLC


Fashion stylist Lenecia Porro recently shared her fond memories of her first time meeting her favorite group TLC back in 1992, at a mere 10 years old!

The girls were taking part in a promotional campaign for their debut album “Ooooooohhh…On The TLC Tip” at the Tracks records store in Norfolk, Virginia.


Remember when artists and groups used to come to the record shops to sign autographs? They were so nice to me that day….a little girl looking up to three beautiful ladies who were crazy, sexy, and cool. I would dress like them and even wear the hat like Lefteye. They showed me that I could express myself and be different. Wow, they don’t even have girl groups like this anymore. They impacted so many young girl’s lives..just like me.”  

TLC inspired so many people all over the world and continue to do so today!

Lenecia went on to follow her dreams and became a successful fashion stylist and actress, starting her own entertainment company, Opal Eye, in 2004!


Be sure to check out her fashion store Opal’s Closet at:


Opal’s Closet not only specializes in vintage looks, but it also styles and costumes for fashion shows, events, parties, photo shoots, and films!

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