T-Boz took to Instagram today to tell the story behind a photo of her at a gala wearing shades, which turned out to be her first public outing since her brain tumor surgery!

“Story Behind This Picture! This Was My 1st Public Outing After My Brain Tumor Surgery! Once I was strong enough to leave the house! My healing process was 3years!!! It was a Gala! And my family and friends were like u can’t hide in the house forever! But my speech was still off I couldn’t form some words still…nor could I blink with my right eye! So I remained quiet and wore glasses! I remb people saying ” Why Does She Have On Shades At A Gala” And I was thinking heffa you HV no idea what it took for me to just stand here and breathe!!!! U never know what people are going thru but we’re so quick to judge! Sometimes we should just be quiet and let things BE!!!!”


Tionne is a survivor, a champion and a true inspiration to us all!

We love you and appreciate everything you do, T! You truly are Stronger Than You Know!