TLC engineer Leslie Brathwaite recently mentioned he is in the process of mixing a track for TLC which will feature the legendary Snoop Dogg!

Chilli took part in a Q&A event with the students at Full Sail University today, where Leslie spoke about how her passion is still there, as she asked him backstage if he had received Snoop’s files for the track!

TLC and Snoop’s paths first crossed professionally when they both performed in Taraji’s White Hot Holidays last Christmas. Since then, Snoop has taken part in T-Boz Unplugged in January, and now is allegedly in the process of being on TLC’s new album!

The track has a trap-based sound, inspired by the current style of trap hip-hop dominating the charts! However, it will still have the authentic TLC stamp on it, as the girls don’t follow trends.

Leslie is currently mixing tracks to complete the album, which is still on schedule for a Summer release!