Happy 18th Anniversary, TLC’s Fanmail!


Who can remember the quiet years that followed TLC‘s game-changing CrazySexyCool in 1994? The 5 years of not knowing if the girls would ever reunite to bring us some more magic in audio form or grace their presence as a group once again?

Of course, the silence was due to legal issues, whilst they cut ties from Pebbles and renegotiated a deal with LaFace Records. But, many felt that the day of seeing our favorite girl group back on the top of the charts was to remain a dream.

TLC bounced back with the chart-topping, record breaking  classic FanMail in 1999, which was a pleasant surprise to millions of fans who didn’t see it coming! It churned out the mega hits No Scrubs, Unpretty, the club smash Silly Ho and the internationally released Dear Lie!

The album didn’t disappoint, and won several awards, adding to their Grammy collection and earning their first ever BRIT award!

TLC concluded the FanMail era with the top grossing FanMail Tour in 2000, which eventually became a pay-per-view special for fans unable to make it to the shows!

18 years later, FanMail sounds as fresh as it was when it was first released! A timeless album by a timeless group!


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