TLC’s new song “WayBack” gets exclusive TV debut!


TLC’s new track “WayBack” gets its debut via the hit TV series “Star” this week (March 8).

One of Tionne’s favorite songs on the album, it also is potentially a contender to be the first single from the project!

“WayBack” was written by T-Boz and J. Hart, who previously worked with T-Boz on 2013’s “Champion” from her TV show ‘Totally T-Boz‘.

“Some things don’t ever change, yeah, you and we, we go way back!”

3 thoughts on “TLC’s new song “WayBack” gets exclusive TV debut!

  1. This is an Hit for me. I like it. Miss the group alot.Much love to T-Boz, Left Eye (Rip).Im your fan and other misses you. Your lyric of words in songs were the shit to me and still is (new are old). And Chilli. What’s been up ladies. Glad y’all decided to come back to music. I’m buying.

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