BBC 1Xtra‘s A.Dot caught up with T-Boz on the phone to talk about TLC’s first ever UK show, as well as the new album, Left Eye, and more!

What’s taken you guys so long to come to the UK to perform?

That’s what I wanna know, cos I’ve been waiting to come! We’re both so excited. We haven’t been there in years and I don’t know why we haven’t performed because we’ve always wanted to. So I can’t wait to come there and just have a ball with everyone.

What’s it been like being away? Have you missed the stage, has it been nice taking time out?

I haven’t had time off, I wish! We’ve been touring this whole time!

So the UK was the last on the list of stops for the tour?

Well, you know what they say, you always save the the best til last, right?!

Obviously, a huge part of TLC was Left Eye. How do you factor that into the live show?

She will always live through our music because we made history together. So, you will always feel her energy in a TLC show because she’s very much apart of the show.We always incorporate her.

Is there new TLC music in the show?

Yes! We have a new album coming out. You will hear some new TLC music. We’re playing some of our stuff first, for you! But we’ll be playing a new single that we haven’t performed anywhere else in the States, in London, for you! 

So we’re gonna get an exclusive in May?

Yep! That’s right. We owe you that!

TLC’s first ever UK show sold out on it’s first day of sale, within the first hour!

The girls will be performing at KOKO in London on May 9, 2017.