The Behind the Music Tales book series will be introducing a new book titled, The Evolution of Funk, Rhythm, & Soul 1.0 that features a 1995 interview with T-Boz.

A portion of the interview was previously released by Harris Rosen in the Canadian pop culture and lifestyle magazine Peace!


Author Harris Rosen

According to Rosen, who spoke with us at TLC Army, the full interview including some previously unreleased sections will be included in the upcoming book.  The book also features interviews with George Clinton, Bobby Brown, and Erykah Badu.

The e-book will be available for free online with the option to purchase a printed version.

Harris was kind enough to provide the TLC Army with an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming book.

T-Boz spoke on the trials and tribulations of her early life growing up as a light skin girl in the South and her first hand experiences with racism and prejudice.

She also touched on her deep connection with Chilli and Left-Eye.


“It’s almost funny because some people for some reason just click and it seems as if they’ve known each other forever.  I swear, it seems these four years seem like ten. We’re probably closer to each other than people we’ve known longer than we knew each other.”

Striving to succeed as a person in business and life, at the time she was assisting her record label, La Face, by working to develop groups and even choreographed a young Usher.

T-Boz discussed single life and what she was looking for in a man; the changes in her life since success hit; the group’s cover of Prince’s “If I was your Girlfriend”, the effect of L.A. Reid and Babyface on the Atlanta music scene, recent controversial issues experienced by Left-Eye, and what made TLC stand out.

“I really wouldn’t say there is a group out like us.  For one thing, we’ve been trendsetters with the way we dress, and the things we talk about.  The success we’ve had coming across with safe sex and the things we’ve chosen to talk about.

 We’ve made a difference in a lot of people’s lives.  I’m serious about what I talk about.  But it does make me feel good to make people smile. I put out music for whoever wants to accept it.  

I didn’t know dressing as I dress people were gonna want to follow, and I didn’t know I was gonna become a role model, but now that I have I’m cool with it.”

The book does not have an official release date, but once that information is known, we will post an update!

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