TLC’s Way Back is starting to get the attention of radio stations everywhere, such as Star 94.7 who tweeted the following this morning:


The Spinoff, an online magazine based in New Zealand, has announced their Songs of the Week for May 1 and included Way Back as #4 on the list.

TLC were set to call it a day after the release of their fourth album 3D (and the passing of founding member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes), but instead they decided to hang in there as a duo, still actively touring and eventually using kickstarter to help fund an as yet untitled farewell album set to arrive in June 2017. Lead single ‘Way Back’ signposts the extent of the ambitions that surviving members Rozonda Thomas and Tionne Watkins for the record; it’s an unashamed throwback to the mid-’90s, a new jack swing track which could have been released on La Face around 1996, right down to Snoop Dogg popping up for a smooth cameo. The lyrics call out Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, and it would all threaten to get a bit too high on its own nostalgia if it wasn’t such an ebullient and unabashedly good time. In the end it is a perfectly fitting way for the greatest girl group of the ‘90s to kick off their long-deserved victory lap. – Pete Douglas

The full article can be viewed here: The Spinoff Songs of the Week