IMG_9756The TLC Army had the pleasure of interviewing singer/songwriter Candace Wakefield about her experiences writing for the new TLC album, writing music to accompany T-Boz’s new book, A Sick Life, and her new music.

Candace co-wrote “No Introduction”, “American Gold”, “Perfect Girls”and “Start a Fire” on the upcoming self-titled TLC album, out on June 30.

Hi Candace! We are excited that you have agreed to speak with us today.  There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new TLC album, specifically some of the songs you wrote on such as “No Introduction” and “American Gold”. 

Can you tell us how you became involved with this TLC project?

Love those songs.  I met T-Boz in 2014.  I was working out of her brother Kayo’s studio often with Elvis and an upcoming artist at the time.  Kayo was super cool and wanted to work as well so I started working with him writing for some of his artists at the time.  That eventually led to me meeting T-Boz.

I was so stoked the first time I met her; Kayo always referred to her as Tionne and I never connected the dots. I was open to working with whoever this Tionne person was (laughs). She walks in the room and I about passed out when I realized TIONNE is TBOZ ha! She was so cool and down to earth, a fan of my writing and made that known and we’ve been working ever since.

What was the TLC writing camp experience like? Are there any stories that you can share with us? 

The writing camp was super fun.  I got to collaborate with some amazing writers.  “American Gold” – my best friend Elvis and I wrote that one, we work really well together. Later, T-Boz and I created a bridge separate from the camp when recording the song.  It’s always a blast and honor working with T-Boz.  I love that she trusts me and believes in my gift.  

No Introduction was a movie.  Myself, Elvis, and Knotch wrote that one. Everyone in the camp was flipping out over that song.  It was an amazing creation and so fun to do.  


What was it like working with T-Boz and Chilli? 

It was super fun. They both are such amazing individuals and LEGENDS.  I was in complete heaven and honored to be worthy of the call.  Chilli paid me a visit to my house and we vibed and worked.  It was a beautiful experience I’ll never forget. So grateful. 

Were you also involved with the T-Boz writing camp for her upcoming book A Sick Life?  Is there anything that you can share with us from that experience?

Yes, that was a blast as well.  We made some BANGERS out in Palm Springs in a beautiful big house with a big pool, beautiful palm trees, and live instruments. Amazing vibes we created for sure. 

What is your favorite song from the new TLC album and which was the most fun to work on? 

I don’t know yet about a favorite YET but I LOOOOVVVVVE WAY BACK OMG I wish I wrote it!  I definitely love everything I’ve been a part of creating as well. 

We are enjoying your brand new song, Feeling Good, that was produced by Kayo.  What was it like working with him on this song? Can we expect an album from you soon? 

So funny I wrote the song in one take.  I just sang how I felt in the booth in the moment and that’s how Feeling Good came about. I originally wrote the song to shop but was blessed to be able to keep the song for my own artistry. Kayo and T-Boz were amazed over the song and blessed me to keep it.  Check out the video on YouTube CANDACE WAKEFIELD.  I will be dropping my album very soon.  

For now, play those singles loud and proud – Feeling Good, Higher Ground, 1993 Camaro, and Help all on iTunes. The album is coming! 

You have a really cool sound on the new song and your own sense of style that we are digging. Who are your musical and style inspirations? 

I grew up in church, I was never allowed to listen to secular music so I love Karen Clark Sheard; she’s my favorite singer. I love uplifting music that feels good to the soul. My grandmother Margaret Jenkins is a huge influence in my life.  She passed away but she was an amazing singer/songwriter as well who touched many lives through her music and message.  I am carrying the torch. 

Thanks Candace for taking time to answer our questions! 

Thanks so much for having me! 


Candace Wakefield, singer/songwriter from Inglewood, CA; has worked with artists such as TLC, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Kendrick Lamar, Babyface, Robin Thicke, Keyshia Cole, Chante Moore, and Faith Evans.  She recently provided background vocals on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Reloaded tours. Not only does Candace write songs, but she also mixes and engineers them herself.  Check out her music on iTunes, and her most recent video for Feeling Good, linked below.