TLC album tracklist revealed on pre-release!


June 30 is around the corner and TLC are almost ready to drop their brand new album!

The album, currently self titled and subject to change, is available for pre-release on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music WORLDWIDE right now!

1. No Introduction
2. Way Back (feat. Snoop Dogg)
3. It’s Sunny
4. Haters
5. Perfect Girls
6. Interlude
7. Start a Fire
8. American Gold
9. Scandalous
10. Aye MuthaFucka
11. Joy Ride
12. Way Back (Extended Version)

13. No Scrubs (Re-Mastered Version)*
14. Creep (Re-Mastered Version)*
15. Unpretty (Re-Mastered Version)*
16. Baby-Baby-Baby (Re-Mastered Version)*
17. Diggin ‘on You (Re-Mastered Version)*

*Deluxe Edition



Make sure you download the lead singles “Way Back” and “Haters”, and pre-order the album when it becomes available on your iTunes!

Credit to Jordan Snell & Phi Tan Tran


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