TLC are one of the most diverse and multi-cultured groups that you are ever likely to find in the world!

Their music appeals to wide variety of fans from all walks of life, old and young, black and white (and everything inbetween), gay and straight, and worldwide from the US to Australia, Japan and Europe!

Which brings us onto a special fan by the name of Julia ‘Eye Ma’ Borowczyk, hailing all the way from Poland, who fell in love with TLC in 2007 after discovering one of their songs, “Give It To Me While Its Hot“, and became one of their biggest fans, going onto launching her own fansite dedicated to the supergroup, which became Ultimate TLC!


Julia’s successful fansite, Ultimate TLC

Despite making the decision to close the site many years later, her fansite brand still exists via social networking platforms on Facebook and Instagram.

Julia is currently a successful editor for popular music brand Noisey in her native Poland. Her position in this role landed her the opportunity to make her ultimate dream of meeting her idols a reality!


Julia’s chance to meet TLC was soon to be a close possible reality, when she discovered the girls were planning on their first ever live show in Europe, specifically London, UK!

That show was at KOKO in Camden Town, London on May 9, 2017. The show sold out in a record-breaking 2 minutes, so Julia made sure this was a show she was not going to miss!

After many contacts and exchanges with management behind the TLC event, Julia finally met T-Boz and Chilli before their big performance for the UK, their first show there ever!


We’d just like to congratulate Julia on making her Ultimate TLC dream meeting a reality! That’s one life dream on the checklist complete!

And we had a blast meeting together with other members in the TLC Army before the show which was a joy!


Until next time! XO

You can check out Julia’s personal story of the TLC night on her Noisey website HERE!