Keisha Epps of the R&B group Total shares the same birthday as our beloved Lisa “LeftEye” Lopes – they were born in the same year, too!

Keisha opened up about Lisa on her Instagram profile, revealing that not only did Lisa welcome her talents by allowing her to write songs for her group Egypt, but how they communicated on the day Lisa passed to do something special to celebrate their birthday together!

“Sending LOVE 2 Left Eye “Lisa Lopes” my Birthday Twin”, Keisha stated on Instagram. “We’re both born on the same day/same year, from the East Coast&both were in a 3 girl singing group I decided to share because it has been heavy on my heart 4 some reason.”

“Lisa was the 1st artist who truly believed in me as a song writer. She had a talented girl group EGYPT that needed songs and so once she heard one of the songs I wrote, she sent for me 2 come & vocal produce the girls in the studio.”

“One song led to another & we ended up recording 2 of my songs. I learned a lot about Lisa in this time & discovered she was SUPER creative. She even made real furniture..with tools! I was impressed. I also saw a lot commonalities we shared in the spiritual & the creative.”

“Lisa had been 2 Honduras on a spiritual retreat. She became enlightened & wanted to share it with her girl group & a couple of friends. So back to Honduras it was. I remember Lisa discussing that she didn’t want anyone killing not even an insect because she believed life had meaning no matter who or what it was.”

“Anyway, before they departed she & I came up w/the idea to do a birthday party together since we shared the same birthday. While one of my dear friends, EGYPT & Lisa were on their spiritual journey, I too was on mine. I decided that I didn’t want to have a party at the club and wanted to do something more meaningful.”

“The crazy thing was that one day, I received a call from my girl Licia & she said, “Lisa told me to tell you she doesn’t want to have a party at the club, she wants to do something different” I tripped out and told her I’d felt the same way&that we should do the hot air balloon.”

“So Leesh went to get Lisa to come to the phone but she was in the shower getting ready 4 the dinner they were all about to go to. Lisa told Licia she LOVED the idea. Done.”

“This very same day, a tragedy occurred that changed a lot of lives. Lisa was killed in the car accident. I couldn’t believe it. I was crushed. There’s not a bday that has passed that I don’t remember our plan and each time I see a hot air balloon, I think of her😇 #MissYou ❤️ #Lefteye #TLC #LOVEyouLeesh”


Keisha with Total group mates Kima and Pam