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Vote for your favorite song on “TLC”!

With the amazing new TLC album firmly in our lives, there is only one question that we all want to know the answer to..

What is your favorite track on the album?!

Was it the first single “Way Back”? The anti-scrub anthem “Hey Muthafucka”? The bold and confident “No Introduction”? Was the Left Eye Interlude one of your highlights?

Let’s us know below!

7 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite song on “TLC”!

  1. Well as of today I’m newly single. My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday and I’ve been having “Aye Muthafucka” on repeat!!! It’s really helping me through this breakup. Y’all did that right there lol! Thank you!

  2. I am so glad that it is finally out because I was really sick and tired of all the naysayers, and complainers, and idiots, and assholes, and half-ass “fans”, etc, who were talking all that crap about them stealing the money, and the time it was taking, and all that other negativity, etc….people are so stupid…I got to go to the movies with TBOZ and she straight called them all some muthafuckas!!…I was cracking up!!…I was also blessed to be in the studio with them last year…they played 4 tracks for us (Joyride, Haters, No Introduction, and Pretty Girls)…my favorite then was JOYRIDE and it remains so now….why?….because it’s about saying thank you and showing appreciation, and that’s more important than anything else…ever…..after that, it has to be Way Back, because that is PURE R&B, and reminiscent of FOR REAL good music all the way back to the 60’s through the 90’s and early 2000’s…after that time, R&B just got shot to hell (most of this stuff today is a hot mess)…by the way, all them little kids in the video couldn’t have gone way back past 5 or 6 years…..they should’ve had some for real grown folks who REALLY COULD go waaaaaay back!!….ha ha ha!!!…..3rd on the list would be Sunny because EWF is my favorite band of all time, and with it, my favorite letters are all together..TLC and EWF!!!…September is my ringtone!!! ha ha ha!!!…Musically, my vote is for Way Back, but lyrically? It’s all about that Joyride!!!..I’m still hurt by the fact that my name was left off of the cover after I donated $4000…how did that happen?….they can make it up though, by letting me come to the TBOZ sleepover (please say they ain’t had it yet!!)…can you help me get to that @TLC Army?..pleeeeeeezzzzzzeeeee??????……I have TLC VIP tickets in July for “I Love The 90’s”, which includes a meet and greet….gonna tell them all about this horrible thing that happened!!!!….nonetheless, I am and will be a fan for life…

    p.s…I think you follow me on twitter….how cool is that??!!

  3. What up?!! It’s me again…forgot to say that the interlude was a true disappointment….the music is so loud that you can’t hear or understand what Lisa is saying…..who engineered that muddled mess?

  4. It’s interesting that the top 2 songs are the slow ones….can you say Red Light Special? ….or should we be saying, Let’s Do It Again?….hmmmm

  5. I didn’t vote because I love the album as a whole and don’t really have a favorite song from it, but if I had to choose a song it’d either be scandalous or Perfect Girls.

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