Chilli of TLC sat down for a Side by Side Amazon Music special, discussing her favorite artists, inspirations behind some of TLC’s greatest hits and the highlights of her career so far!

Chilli touches on many interesting and hilarious topics, including:

  • “Creep” being inspired by a situation T-Boz was going through
  • Why she adores the showmanship of Bruno Mars
  • Being scared of the big swing during the “No Scrubs” video
  • “Diggin’ On You” video using CGI to give the impression of a bigger concert
  • How she feels “It’s Sunny” is the albums “Happy” (Pharrell)
  • How she flipped the original “Scandalous” roles to empower females
  • Why being part of the Titty-Less Crew is a bonus when performing
  • Missing the albums first songwriting camp due to laryngitis
  • Freaking out over a fan who crawled towards her during “Red Light Special”
  • Why she loves Michael Jackson – and more!