TLC are currently in the middle of their headlining spot on the I Love The 90s: The Party Continues tour in the US and took a moment to speak with Owen Maxwell for Ottawa Life magazine!

T-Boz reveals that “Girl Talk” is one of the songs she used to hate to perform, although it has grown on her and she appreciates fans overseas are excited when it is performed.

“‘Girl Talk’ was that song for me, I wrote it but I hated performing it and listening to it. When you go overseas they’re just so excited and happy. “Oh My God are you guys doing ‘Girl Talk’?” The beat is always bumping, so I can vibe to it.”

On the topic of any new TLC music, T-Boz remains open to the idea, although a full studio album is unlikely.

“There’s country groups that have talked about working with us”, T-Boz states. “I’ve always wanted to do a country pop song. There might be a Christmas song or something, there just won’t be a full studio album.”

Tionne’s brother Carnoy “Kayo” Watkins worked on the new TLC album on the tracks “American Gold”, “Perfect Girls”, “Start A Fire” and “No Introduction”.

“He has an amazing ear”, T-Boz says. “People always say at first, ‘You work with him because he’s family,’ and I say no, I work with him because he’s good. I don’t care about homeboy hookups because to me I’m not going to risk my career just because he’s my brother, I’m going to work with him because he’s a good producer.”

“I’m happy we finally got to work together with TLC because we’ve only really done solo endeavours.”

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