Vote for your favorite TLC VMA appearance!


With this years MTV Video Music Awards launching next week on August 27, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane!

TLC were the queens of MTV and are regulars at the VMAs, both individually and as a group.

We just want to know one thing. What was your favorite TLC related VMA moment?

You can let us know by voting via the choices below!

3 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite TLC VMA appearance!

  1. By far, 1955 was THE year for TLC on the VMA’s….the outfits alone get 42 high fives!!!….i am still loving those black and white stripes!!….the medley was off the chain, the choreography was on point, etc..what else should have made it better?…not one thing…

  2. TThe 1995 VMAs are my favorite TLC TV performance ever! The energy, the outfits, it was all on point!

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