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T-Boz spoke with ESPN on September 13, 2017 to discuss her new book, “A Sick Life”, out now!

She reveals that she hated performing the Latin remix of the song “Shout” on tour, from 1999’s FanMail album!

“We have a song we used to perform called “Shout”, and I hated to perform that song every night!”, T-Boz says. “So, at a certain part I would leave the stage and leave Chilli and Lisa up there and then come back to sing the lead again!”

“But, I was refusing the Salsa dance and all that stuff, like, this song is wack! I don’t like it, so I would hate performing it on the FanMail tour. All the fans would laugh about how I would leave at the same part everytime.”

T-Boz also touches on fangirling over Prince on tour, her relief at being chosen as the winner of the Grammys over some amazing artists and what qualities she is looking for in a man!