Viewers of DAYS OF OUR LIVES can be forgiven for thinking that the actress playing ex-con Sheila looks familiar. That’s because she’s Tionne Watkins, better known as T-Boz, one-third of the popular R&B girl group TLC who had multiple hits in the ‘90s like “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs.”

Watkins made her debut in November of 2016 as hardened prison inmate Sheila, who made life difficult for Hope when she was sentenced for the murder of Stefano DiMera. Hope had some support from fellow inmate Hattie Adams, who was imprisoned after being framed by her boyfriend for embezzlement.

After fellow inmate Chille was murdered, Hope tried to get the upper hand on Sheila and her partner, Coco, but they ambushed and stabbed her! Luckily, Hope recovered and was eventually freed.


The Grammy winner returned to DAYS beginning in September of 2017 when Sheila was seen once more, still behind bars but celebrating her imminent release.

Bonnie asked her to take a message to Justin Kiriakis after she got out, but when Sheila arrived at the mansion, she quickly put two and two together and realized that Bonnie had switched places with her double and was comfortably residing in the lap of luxury while Adrienne was the one who was really stuck in prison!

Bonnie covered for Sheila’s appearance by claiming she was there to interview to be the new maid, and Sheila agreed to take the job but demanded money to keep her silence about Bonnie’s scheme.


Sheila wasn’t really interested in doing any work, and Bonnie was struggling to put the cash together for her. So the con returned to the prison to visit Adrienne and tell her she never shared the message.

Adrienne warned her she couldn’t trust Bonnie, but Sheila wasn’t bothered. Things took an interesting turn when Sheila ran into Eli in Horton Square and Gabi was surprised to learn that the two were old friends from back in the day.


Sheila’s cushy job as a maid that doesn’t really do much work at the Kiriakis mansion will come to a swift end when Bonnie’s scheme is eventually uncovered, but this connection to Eli could keep her in Salem for a bit longer.

How long will T-Boz be on DAYS? Stay tuned as the story unfolds to find out!


Chris Eades at CBS Soaps In Depth