Chilli took time out to join Hit 92.9 in Australia for a whole morning co-hosting the show to promote their final Australian show this month at Metro City! Chilli discusses everything from TLC to finding love on the beaches of Australia!

Where is T-Boz?

She is not a morning person! She doesn’t talk, she looks mean! So, I’m like, “you know what, I got this!”

Stand out career moment

Honestly, we have many. We always go through something crazy. Every album, inbetween, after, it doesn’t matter, it’s always something. But yet we stay together, we stick it out, our bond is tight.

TLC without Left Eye

You never expect something like that, especially when you’re young. We all think we’re going to live to be older, which is a blessing but when it doesn’t happen it’s very devastating because you don’t see that coming. It’s not even in the back of your mind. We never said we were breaking up, we were just hurting very badly. The record company were like ‘how are they gonna do it without the other member’, so when we were kinda able to heal, we knew that Lisa would want us to go on, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We always represent her and the fans love it. This is the new TLC, no one will ever take her place in the group.

Bruno Mars

I’m a huge Bruno Mars fan because his music is not new, it’s really old school music but this person doing it today and it has a lot of substance and it feels good music.

Connecting with fans and ‘Haters’

It’s definitely easier today to communicate with your fans because right there, there’s your phone. But then there’s the ugly side, when people say the craziest and meanest things. It’s funny, because when we confront them they are like ‘oh my God, I didn’t know you read your own stuff and I love you guys’. It changes quickly.

Favorite song to perform

We don’t perform any covers. It’s hard for me to pick but I like to perform the uptempos better because I love singing and dancing and stuff. I like ballads but that’s my least favorite.

Atlanta compared to TV shows

It’s not quite like that. Maybe some parts, every city has their [grimy] parts but, no (laughs).

Valentine’s Day and Finding Love

My son [is my special Valentine]. I’ve been looking on the beach!  I would absolutely take an Australian guy home if I found the right one! I’m not too fussy, but I know exactly what I want!

Younger fans

I love kids, you have no idea! It’s such a blessing when you have fans that young. When our movie came out we got this whole new generation and with this new album we have out. They knew all the words and the dance routines, it’s crazy.

How TLC got their nicknames

So, there was another girl in the group before I was in the group. They were called 2nd Nature. Pebbles renamed them TLC because their names were Tionne, Lisa and Crystal.  She was eventually kicked out of her own group! Then, when I got in the group, my name’s Rozonda. TLR? No, so, we were all throwing out names and one of them said Chilli and I said yes, that’s it! So they kinda got their nicknames because I had one. But, mine’s the coolest!