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The Greatest TLC Music Video Poll!


What is your favorite TLC music video?!

If like T-Boz, you just can’t decide on what your favorite TLC song is, maybe you can decide on what your favorite TLC music video has been, so far!

TLC are the queens of style, music and of course their visuals rocked the MTV generation for a whole decade and beyond!

They set trends, broke boundaries and created new standards with their music videos, which helped bring their iconic music to life!

Since their debut video ‘Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg’ in late 1991, the ladies have steadily churned out a phenomenal amount of visuals to compliment their anthems and entertain their fans!

We want you to tell us which TLC music video had the biggest impact for you!

Vote in the poll and make sure you grab your copy of the TLC greatest hits DVD (or hop onto YouTube) to re-watch all of TLC’s videos for a refresher before deciding which one you loved the most!

2 thoughts on “The Greatest TLC Music Video Poll!

  1. Y’all have another artists’ video where they made an appearance, but you don’t have Hat To Da Back?…whaaaaat???!!…HTDB is my vote!!!….hands down – hat to da back…..it established each of them separately, but also as a group…the interplay between them was so special….more importantly though, it set the stage for positive messages about loving yourself just as you are…

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