The year was 2009 when the blaxploitation 1970’s classic ‘Black Dynamite‘ was given a reboot on the big screen. That was when Cartoon Network‘s adult animated division Adult Swim decided to create an animated spin off series, based on storylines from the updated movie.

The original pilot episode of the animated series, executively produced by Carl Jones (‘The Boondocks‘), debuted in 2011. The series wasn’t released in full until 2012, lasting 2 seasons and airing 20 episodes in total.

T-Boz was no stranger to the world of animation. She had announced in 1999 that she was working on developing a cartoon with the Jim Henson Company, titled ‘It’s A Fly World’, although it never came to fruition.

She had also provided voice-over work for André 3000‘s Cartoon Network series ‘Class of 3000. “I did the voice, but they ended up going with someone else because I couldn’t get my voice to sound younger,” T-Boz told Billboard.

T-Boz was then hired by the Adult Swim company to play a guest role as Pam Grier on the second season of ‘Black Dynamite’. During this episode, Pam Grier is kidnapped along with some other top Blaxploitation actors, such as Rudy Ray Moore, and Jim Kelly, by the notorious Bill Cosby, who wants to transform actors into dignified representations of the black race.

“I was the reverse stripper,” T-Boz explained. “It was funny because I was supposed to be sexy, but I started off naked and put my clothes on.” While Bill Cosby is on his mission to force the changes, Black Dynamite, who is voiced by the original actor Michael Jai White, saves the day.

T-Boz later supplied her voice-over talents as a favor to The Asylum’s 2016 movie, ‘Trolland‘, where she played the character Jarvik. Ja Rule and Dick Van Dyke also star.

We hope to see T-Boz in more voice-over roles in the future, as well as acting roles!She starred in ‘After Masks‘ earlier this year.

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