The beautiful Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins was the latest guest on the Cameron Newton YouTube podcast ‘Funky Friday‘ on May 5.

T-Boz reminisced about her time starting out and forming TLC with Left Eye and Chilli, and was surprised at the lack of girl group’s out today. “You don’t see a lot of girl groups anymore. There’s not a lot of new groups out, and the one’s that were out have broken up”, T-Boz admits. She reveals that being in a girl group can be hard, and a lot of the reasons that girl groups don’t survive is down to egos and cattiness. “Women are usually so envious of one another. Catty, jealous and ego’s like that can break up a group.”

T-Boz mentioned the big age gap between her 22 year old daughter, Chase Rolison, and her 7 year old son, Chance. “Its a big gap like a crazy person. Yes, I started over, but it keeps me young, so I love it. I wanted a boy, so I was like, I don’t care how old I am, I’m about to have this baby boy”, T-Boz admits. “Chase and Chance, those are my world. And my two nieces are my babies, too”.

T-Boz touches on the vegan fast food venture, Good As Burgers, or GAB’s, that she partly owns with her brother Carnoy ‘Kayo’ Watkins who founded the business. “It’s Good As Burgers, but it sounds like, ‘ohh that’s a Good Ass Burger’, because they are good”, she said. T-Boz reveals that she plans on expanding the business when they open more food trucks with 4 locations to date.

Cam asked T-Boz about her Irish heritage, along with her Native American and African American heritage. “I was in my house one day, and I’ve got this really pretty frame. You can tell that they made it, decorated it, it was beautiful”, T-Boz says. “There was this old white lady in the picture, so I asked, who is this old white lady and they said that it was my great grandmother, and that she was Irish. So, yeah, I’m a little mixed up, but I claim El Negro”.

When the topic of Rihanna‘s Super Bowl halftime performance came up, T-Boz was reluctant to comment and reminded Cam about the drama the press created between TLC and Rihanna back in 2014, after being misquoted which led to angry trolls attacking her on social media.

T-Boz reveals that she continues to use her own CBD brand, ‘TLCBD‘, to help with her symptoms of arthritis and sickle cell Thalassemia (Sickle Thal). However, ever since she received the Pfizer jab to vaccinate herself against the COVID-19 virus, her sickle cell symptoms seemed to have worsened. “I honestly think that the [COVID-19] vaccinations — after my last three crisis’ that I had, I haven’t had anything like that — but after that shot — I honestly think it messed me up, I really do.”

T-Boz has mixed emotions over how she feels about the COVID-19 vaccines and admits that she most likely would not have had it if it wasn’t for her job that required her to be vaccinated. “I felt bullied into it, because without it you can’t get paid, you can’t go to work, yeah, that’s how it was for me”, T-Boz admits. “And then I still got COVID anyway, twice — on the massage table, my massage therapist gave it to me, and then recently overseas on tour in Sydney, Australia. I have no earthly idea how I could have gotten it besides the quick change on stage that we share with other artists because they don’t wipe that down. But I have a very low immune system because of my sickle cell”.

On the topic of self beauty, T-Boz recalls why she wrote the 1999 number one TLC single, “Unpretty“. “I thought it was cool to have individuality and be your own woman. It shows you how many insecure women there are in the world. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with fixing something you don’t like, but if you do it, make sure it’s for you”, T-Boz admits. “But I also think there is a stopping point where you can take it too far. You’re starting to look like lions and characters, and you look crazy. Men come and go, getting your asses and titties done, that’s not keeping your man at home”.

Cam discussed the socially acceptable differences between men and women when it comes to enhancing physical features. T-Boz admits that she’d be honest with a man that tried to hide baldness with a wig and tell him to shave it all off. But she wouldn’t accept a man actively seeking a penile enlargement, “hell no, if I saw that in the beginning, I ain’t got no time to be waiting for him to get a fake penis. I don’t want a man into all that crap”.

So, what kind of man will win the heart of Ms Tionne Tenese Watkins? “Dirty nails on men and dirty shoes, I don’t like that. I’m not talking to a man with dirty ass hands. It’s a pet peeve, I don’t like it”, T-Boz states. “These days men are just not men, so we women sometimes have to do stuff that we didn’t always want to do. I am single on purpose, because I don’t want to deal with another grown ass baby. I haven’t talked to nobody in about 8 years! I haven’t even dated in those years”.

“When I’ve tried to talk to someone regular, they are very insecure. Even men that are supposed to be secure with money are insecure in my business, because I’m around a lot of guys”, T-Boz continues. “I’ve been celibate in those 8 years, I’m not a ho, I don’t do booty calls and all that. I’m more of a relationship person. I had a lot of life stuff happening honestly, with my mom’s health and my daughter almost passed away with Lupus, and then the pandemic happened — it’s cool if God brings somebody who is really a man. Because I’m a real alpha, so it takes somebody special to deal with me. If he’s not coming to me as a man, then why am I playing my role if you’re not playing yours?”

So, how can a man add value to the life of T-Boz, a woman who has everything that she needs? “Come home at night, don’t lie, be a good, honest person. It’s not about money all the time. Been there, done that, got that. I’ve had all the cars, the houses, I’ve done all that”, T-Boz admits. “I’m really simplistic. It’s the attention to detail, like the small things, the things that I like. I’m a real logical open minded person, I’m a very fair person and I’ll do my part, but if you’re not doing your part then I don’t see the reason for you to be here. I pay manly bills, I do manly things, so if you’re not going to be a man, move out the way, I’ve got kids to take care of and things to do. That’s just how I am”.

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