BLACKPINK are one of the biggest girl group’s out right now dominating the music scene since their inception back in 2016. Hailing from South Korea, BLACKPINK have managed to win their fans over with their infectious melodies and dance moves.

The group are a perfect combination of genres K-pop, hip-hop, R&B, trap and EDM. Although other K-pop girl groups have had success such as XG, BLACKPINK remain the biggest selling Korean girl group internationally.

Back in April, BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé took part in the series finale of Carpool Karoke with James Corden. During the episode, whilst elaborating on their musical influences, the ladies reveal that they drew inspiration from other legendary girl groups such as the Spice Girls and of course, the iconic TLC.

BLACKPINK ‘Born Pink’ tour (2023)

Like TLC, BLACKPINK had the triple threat ability to not only sing and dance, but also rap, with members Jennie and Lisa taking on the rapping within the group, as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes did with TLC. They have previously collaborated with Cardi B on the single, “Bet You Wanna“.

Jennie explains why BLACKPINK were so inspired by TLC. “We loved TLC’s music,” Jennie said. “They had vocals, they had raps. Then they had a bit of hip-hop.” TLC’s fun personalities and individual style can also be seen as an influence in BLACKPINK.

The group were then delighted when they were offered the opportunity to sing along to one of their favorite TLC songs, “No Scrubs“, along with Corden.

TLC on tour in 2019

During the group’s initial creation, they would spend years in a boot camp-like training school, where they would spend countless hours rehearsing, performing and studying various music and groups like TLC and Spice Girls.

BLACKPINK are also a hugely successful touring act, managing to trump TLC’s record-breaking Fanmail tour sales which grossed $72.8m in 2000, an impressive feat despite the tour ending early. However, with over 85m album sales to date, it will take a while for another girl group to outsell the diamond-certified number one sales set by TLC.

TLC on the ‘Fanmail’ tour (2000)

It would be a huge economic success if the top girl groups of the world like BLACKPINK, TLC and the Spice Girls did a joint tour one day. It would be a unique blend of nostalgia meets the present — ultimate girl power!