Shah Wonders is most famous for his incredible artwork on the TLC cover for their timeless hit, “Waterfalls“, but he has done so much more for the girls, and played a bigger role in some of their major projects than we thought!

Shah sat down with Left Eye immediately after completing the “Waterfalls” single cover art and brainstormed creative themes for future releases.

He created a futuristic theme while in his non air conditioned apartment, waiting for his first check for his work on “Waterfalls”. The futuristic theme was initially just called “Fantasy“.


Initially called “Fantasy”, this inspired “FanMail”

It partly inspired Seb Janiak’s futuristic shoot which eventually was delivered in the form of, “FanMail“!



This portrait was also included in TLC’s “FanMail” fanclub merchandise printed on t-shirts.


Tobias Dante Eaton’s TLC shirt from the fanclub

Shah’s character designs of Left Eye also went on to be the basis of the animation used on her ‘Eyenetics‘ website, in support of her debut solo album, “Supernova“, in 2001.


Left Eye on her ‘Eyenetics’ site. Screencap by LBG

Shah Wonders is indeed a talent ahead of his time! This is why his creativity and artistic skills would be perfect for use on future upcoming TLC projects!