Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins is featured in The Asylum’s feature length animated movie, “Trolland“!

Released in 2016, Trolland features voiceovers by T-Boz, Ja Rule, Dick Van Dyke, Chris Daughtry and Jerry O’Donnell.


T-Boz plays Jarvik, the leader of the troll pranksters and the older sister of Fenn, played by Ja Rule, who wants the trolls to quit the pranks and get along with the humans!

A troll hates pranking people and is teased so much he runs away. When a park ranger starts capturing the other trolls, the outcast troll has to rescue his friends and family without pulling any pranks.


Trolland is out now on DVD and Blu Ray. Check out the trailer below!

Credit to Thembisa at T–Boz FanPage