TLC are gearing up for the release of their fifth and final album, scheduled for release on June 30.

The ladies took time out for an exclusive photoshoot and interview with Billboard to discuss the new album!


Amongst the highlights of the interview, T-Boz and Chilli reveal exactly why Left Eye‘s presence on the album is limited to an interlude and no new raps.

Lopes’ absence is felt on TLC, although there is one brief interlude crafted using an audio clip of her ripped from the internet. Watkins and Thomas say that Lopes’ estate — which released a posthumous album, Eye Legacy, in 2009 — is to blame.

“The family, they held onto the other stuff,” says Watkins, as Thomas rolls her eyes. “I guess maybe they wanted money or something. I don’t think she’d be happy that people are trying to hold her vocals hostage.”

They also touched on the recent situation regarding L.A. Reid‘s sexual harassment allegations. “I hear more people are coming out saying stuff,” says Watkins, as Thomas buries her face in her hands. “I was surprised he was fired, but [the accusations] didn’t come as a surprise. I don’t wish him anything ill. But surprised? No.”


The ladies say they will continue to tour despite the album being the last – they headline the I Love The 90s: The Party Continues tour this summer, and would welcome a Las Vegas residency.

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