In the latest TLC interview with The Guardian, T-Boz and Chilli open up about their past and are completely honest as always!

T-Boz reveals she was offered $50,000 to visit a male fan and his wife at home – “So they could just stare at me fully clothed for five minutes, nothing else” – and she refused.

Chilli is appalled. “Fifty thousand! To bring warmth and happiness into that relationship, what’s wrong with that?!” “My husband at that time didn’t want me going,” admits Watkins. “He didn’t have to know!” yelps Thomas.


The ladies are also not a fan of the latest surge of “insta models”. “If Instagram was taken away tomorrow there would be a lot of people jobless right now cos there’s a lot of ‘public figures’ now made up of Instagram models”, says Watkins.

She is unimpressed by influencers monetising their lifestyles online, but tries to hold back. “I’m not gonna knock your hustle. Hustle on, girl. This is the time that hos are winning.” An affirmative block-caps “YEAH!” comes from Thomas.

“But if you gonna be a ho, at least be a good ho and get paid,” Watkins continues. “Ho-ism is working for people. Worst thing is to be a ho, spread your stuff far and wide and get nothing from it.”

Catch the full interview here