Chilli caught up with British tabloid The Sun on the eve of the release of the new TLC album, which was released today!

During the interview, Chilli reveals why this is the last album. “After our first album there was no renegotiation when your contract is jacked up. That’s why we said, shall we do this just one more time? It is definitely not the end of TLC as far as touring but making an album is difficult. The business has changed a lot.”

T-Boz was feeling well so was unable to attend the interview. Chilli touched on the day Tionne called her with the news of the brain tumor in 2006. ““The brain tumor broke me down. She told me on the phone and I just burst out crying. She was trying to keep me calm. I admire her so much. Whatever she goes through, she does not let it get her down and she just fights.”

“I don’t know what I would do without her”, Chilli declared. “We are like sisters. We’ve been through divorce, breakups, babies, being sick, and we’ve managed to still come out on top. When we lost our sister, it made our bond even closer. It’s a marriage that you can’t get a divorce.”

The new album features a deluxe edition with remastered versions of some of TLC’s greatest hits. Chilli explains why this was an important move, to remind the younger generation of the special songs TLC’s brought to the world. “There was a young girl who had a TLC party and I met her and it was amazing. We were in rehearsals and I gave her mum the address to bring her down. That’s why we have remastered versions of some of our songs like No Scrubs, Creep and Unpretty on the album. It was to remind people who are just getting into us who we are, or who just don’t know those songs at all. It’s a special time for TLC and we are loving every part of it.”

TLC” the album is available everywhere from today!