Alternative solution for US TLC explicit CD will be made soon!


TLC‘s long awaited 5th and final album, “TLC“, was released on June 30, simultaneously across the world!

The full explicit album is available digitally on iTunes and can be streamed in full on Spotify.

Fans purchasing the physical CD copy of the album in the US will have noticed that there aren’t explicit CD copies available anywhere, many settling for the edited copy, which omits the track “Aye Muthafucka”.

Retailers requested clean albums this is why edited copies are available.


Label bosses are currently seeking solutions to alleviate the issue very soon, so fans don’t miss out!

For the time being, fans can still order international explicit copies of the CD album from the Amazon UK, Japan and Australia!

Some stores will restock copies of the edited album by July 7.

The vinyl copies of the album are explicit and will be available after July 14.

The TLC Team appreciates your patience and understanding at this time.

In the meantime, look out for TLC making various public appearances to promote the album, we’ll keep you posted!




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