T-Boz held a beautiful Q&A session at her recent booksigning at the Rich Auditorium in her hometown of Atlanta.

During the intimate chat, hosted by her good friend, music executive Shanti Das, she shared her emotional stories with her fans who were in attendance to support her new book, “A Sick Life“.

As well as the warm heartening stories of her hilarious memories of Left Eye, she also recounted the heartbreaking moments when her health was failing following her brain tumor surgery and battling her life-long condition, sickle cell disease.


Sounding off about her annoyance at the way Big Pharma take advantage of sick patients, by ploughing them with medication for profit rather than finding cures to rid people of their ill conditions, she also mentioned her frustration with the lack of support from the SCDAA.

In fact, despite reaping in $11m in donations recently, none of it has been seen or utilized in a useful manner! A member of the organization even had the nerve to challenge T-Boz for speaking out about them and threatened her with a lawsuit!

“I’m tired of it! We’re supposed to be in this together, to find a cure and save lives”, T-Boz explains.

Because the association disapproved of her revelations last month in her Hot97 interview outing the SCDAA for being unsupportive of her efforts to raise awareness, they had an issue.

“This is blasphemy!” the woman yelled. After T-Boz corrected her for misusing the term, she continued, “you’re going to hear from my lawyers!”

“Girl, please! Ain’t nobody scared of your lawyers”, T-Boz exclaimed. “I have the right to say who I want to work with and who I don’t like, and I don’t like you, you’re not doing your job!”

You can see some of the footage from the Q&A event below thanks to THEBLACKMEDIA.