T-Boz reunites with Da Brat as she stopped by at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show during her recent trip to Atlanta to promote her new book, “A Sick Life“.

T-Boz on her role as Sheila on Days of our Lives

“I have a reoccurring role [on Days of our Lives]. I’m a prisoner named Sheila, and I’m out of prison now. I have shenanigans going on in Salem. It’s hilarious though, because my mom was like, ‘you can play that part good’ because I’m hood. So, I have on my flip flops in my maid uniform!”

T-Boz on how touring has delayed the next TLC music videos 

“That’s why I be telling fans who say ‘you ain’t done a second video yet’. Heffa, I am on stage, every night! And, when you’re headlining, that’s like being a parent to 75 adults, it’s not easy.”

T-Boz on why she had to beat her cousin who tried to fight her

“I gave her the cousin beat down 3 years ago. Not Tae Tae! I ain’t fighting Tae Tae, she got them knucks! [What drives you to that point?] She tried me in my house, you ain’t about to do that. I had on a leg brace, so she thought she could try me. That’s nothing worse than somebody you know can’t fight, you gon’ try me because I’m sick? I will break both my legs to break your neck, and that’s what I did. I gave her the cousin pap pap and not the street pap pap!”

T-Boz on how she can tell she’s getting sick

“Sometimes you can tell [a crisis is coming]. Like, my mom and my brother can just look at me and I get pale. I don’t have the physical characteristics that a natural ‘sickler’ would. Like, my cousin he had the bloated stomach and the jaundiced, yellow eyes. Some people have buck teeth, it’s a certain look that they have.”

T-Boz on who makes her starstruck

“Janet [Jackson], I’ve had lots of conversations with, which is awesome. She is amazing. But, Michael [Jackson]. When he held my hand and says you are his favorite group, and says ‘thank you’, that’s all I needed! When he holds your hand you go child like, my insides were like mush! I almost lost it too for Prince at Madison Square Garden. I heard the twang of his guitar, and I was like, Lord, if I turn around and that’s Prince on stage playing MY song! I forgot I was T-Boz, I forgot the words. I totally lost all my composure!”

T-Boz’s new single “Dreams” is out right now, as a single and on the “A Sick Life” audiobook.