TLC got upto some mischievous antics last night (October 11), as they invited fans to join them at their hotel for a good old fashioned slumber party!

Fans who donated to the Kickstarter campaign back in 2015 for the slumber party rewards were all eligible for this once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out with T-Boz and Chilli overnight for some fun and unforgettable memories – which would be incomplete without some cheeky pranks along the way!


“Get ready to stay up late with CHILLI.” states the website. “We’ll put on our jammies, order some late night snacks, and have some #TLCPillowTalk. Mom and Dad won’t be there, so there’s no need to keep the volume down.”

Jena Green was in the house, so hopefully she caught all the action on film to unleash to the world at some point, we’d all love to see!