TLC fans were given an extra special treat this week, thanks to the talented singer-songwriter Quinton Storm!

He decided to give into huge demand from the TLC Army to hear the demo he cut for TLC’s last album, the amazing heartfelt track “One Last Song“, written by Quinton Storm and Leon Monroe!

Produced by Phase, Quinton recalls how the song was created. “I remember us writing and recording this reference like it was yesterday! We wrote and recorded this in an hour and a half. As fans of the music we wanted to capture that CrazySexyCool feeling. Something catchy and nostalgic, with live instrumentation and warm vocals!“.

Quinton states they wanted something that TLC fans could rock with at a show while holding up their phones, we definitely feel he caught that energy on the track perfectly!

Take a listen to the full track and let us know your thoughts!



Sixty-five Million Records sold
And that’s all because of you
Ten top 10 singles
Four number ones
Where would we be without you, our day ones?
You had our backs ever since this begun
Sold out tours around the world
We hit the charts around the world

We sung a lot of songs
But don’t none of them hit you like this one
We been together so long
It wasn’t easy but we made it so much fun
This one’s for you…TLC will live on
So we’re gonna sing one last song
You sing it with me
Cause we’re gonna make the whole world sing along

Sing along sing along oh
Yeah we’re gonna make the whole world sing along
Sing along sing along oh
Cause we’re gonna make the whole world sing along

It’s been over twenty years
Girl I love you deeper than a friend
My sister that’s you
We fuss and we fight and we always get back tight
Who would’ve thought we’d be her?
This ain’t goodbye, it’s see you later
Our legacy will last forever


Oh, oh we miss you Lisa
Oh, we miss you Lisa
Oh…oh we gon’ ride it till the will fall off
We gon’ ride till the will fall off



Written by: Quinton Storm & Leon Monroe

Produced by: Daniel “Phase”