TLC got on the phone to speak to Clare Crane in the UK to promote their upcoming appearance at the Mighty Hoopla in London’s Brockwell Park on June 3, their first UK festival!

What made you record a new album?

T-Boz: Mostly the fans asking for it. Of course, when Lisa passed away things changed, and some people wondered what would happen to TLC. And then some people understood it’s not the same but you have to find your new normal, and we still have the talent.

Chilli: It’s a blessing for us that we can still continue and make sure her legacy goes on through us. We’re very different from most groups, I don’t think there will ever be a group like TLC. So, when she passed away, people were like ‘people replace group members all the time’, it was like foreign talk to us. No one can be replaced in TLC. Each original member is an original member, and that’s it! It just has to be that way.

The importance of lyrical content in their music 

T-Boz: Lyrical content is something that’s missing in today’s music. I think that there’s a difference when there’s a song that when you hear it you remember where you were and how you feel, it healed you or helped you get through something.

Is this the final album?

Chilli: Yeah.

T-Boz: Yes, it is. I mean, you never know if there’s a Christmas special or a single or something like that. We’re open to that but as far as this being the final TLC studio album, yeah it’s the last album.

How the Left Eye Interlude was brought to life

T-Boz: The interlude on this album we had such a problem, we used a lot of vocals that we had of Left Eye. Before she passed, she was on more of a poetic type of thing, some of it was gangster rap and NINA (New Identity Non Applicable) that she had created, that was a solo thing she was doing and it didn’t fit with TLC. So, we tried to creatively come up with something that was the essence of Lisa that you will remember her for. That high energy and cute little voice. That’s what that interview stood for, so you could remember the essence of why you loved Lisa.

TLC’s fashion style

Chilli: When I look back at the clothes that we wore, pretty much everything I consider to be a thumbs up, because it was authentically us. It was our own style, even if we had taken whatever was popular at the time, we took it and made it TLC style, and that was before we even had stylists. Our stylists sit down and talk to us about what we want, we’re not the type of artists to rely solely on the stylist about what to wear, we have our own sense of style and know how we want to be presented in photoshoots and on stage. Whatever it is will definitely have a TLC flare to it.

First UK festival appearance at Mighty Hoopla 

T-Boz: It’s exciting, man! I’m so excited, we’ve been waiting to do that. I’m so happy this day is here! It’s a high powered show, even on the slow songs you find a pick up or something going on. There’s always something to watch, no matter what song it is on stage. I think people leave with a good feeling.