TLC superstar Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins stopped by at the Culture Tour on April 8, 2022 when the show touched down in Savannah, GA to show some love and support to her performing friends, New Edition, Charlie Wilson and Jodeci.

T-Boz was able to catch up with her ex-boyfriend, Jodeci’s Dalvin DeGrate aka Mr Dalvin whilst at the show. The pair have remained good friends over the years and are always supportive of each other.

Mr Dalvin & T-Boz (1995)

The former couple posted a cute video together simultaneously on their individual social media pages of their reunion, where they asked each other how they were doing. T-Boz said she was doing good, to which Mr Dalvin hilariously replied, “you’ve been without me, that’s why you’ve been good!”, leaving T-Boz laughing hysterically.

T-Boz and Mr Dalvin

T-Boz and Mr Dalvin were in a relationship during the 90’s and were considered the ultimate couple during their time together. T-Boz even made a cameo in the Jodeci video, 1995’s “Love U 4 Life“, posing as Mr Dalvin’s wife during the marriage ceremony.

Fans of the couple are always excited when they reunite publicly. Their last sighting together was in 2018 when T-Boz stopped by at the R&B Rewind concert where Jodeci were performing.

During an interview with the Scoop B Radio Podcast in 2020, Mr Dalvin explained why he is still close to T-Boz. “I think it’s kind of like any breakup you have, you realise after you break up how good of friends you could have been. There are things that probably drove you apart that had nothing to do with either one of you”.

T-Boz in ‘Love U 4 Life’

He went on to say that the distance bewteen them as well as other people having input in their relationship led to things going downhill. However, despite the relationship not working out, there are no hard feelings and they remain good friends to this day.

Were T-Boz & Mr Dalvin your favorite celebrity couple back in the day?