TLC have been getting along well with The Kardashians in recent months. Following their collaboration with Khloe Kardashian and her size-inclusive fashion line, Good American, back in October 2022, Khloe’s niece North West, decided to pay homage to the group by dressing up as them for Halloween, recreating the iconic “No Scrubs” video!

T-Boz and Chilli both adored the tribute and reposted the clips on their social media platforms, to which North’s mother Kim Kardashian thanked them for, later posting a video of herself singing “Waterfalls” with her daughter on TikTok.

Speaking with Australia’s The Project in November, Chilli revealed that shortly after the social media posts she and Kim started to direct message each other and seemed to be forming a new friendship. “Kim tagged me [and Tionne] and I DM’d [direct messaged] her, and we started talking”, Chilli said. “I told her that I would get North some TLC merchandise for kids, and she let North send me a little voice message and she said hello”.

Kim then showed interest in coming to the next TLC show with one stipulation — she wants the best seats in the house! “Kim and I talked about her coming to the next show and she said, ‘and I want front row seats!'”, Chilli reveals. “That’s what she said, and yes, she will absolutely have that! If you don’t ask — you have to ask!”

Working relationships between TLC and The Kardashians have occurred in the past. Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins once worked alongside Khloe Kardashian in 2009 on NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘. T-Boz and Khloe worked well together and won the challenge that bagged $10,000 for T-Boz and her chosen charity, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of Georgia. Although they were both unfairly fired by Donald Trump the following week, their all-female Team Athena did them justice and won the show.

We look forward to seeing Kim and North share their TLC front row experience in the near future!