UPDATE – 04 MAY, 2023 – TLC updated the tracklisting on the “Wat3rfalls” EP on May 4, to add the re-recording of the hit single, “Diggin’ On You“.

TLC fans were surprised to see a new TLC release pop up on their chosen music platforms this week. The 3-track EP, “Wat3rfalls“, was released on January 31, 2023 on platforms such as Spotify and for purchase on Amazon Music.

The “Wat3rfalls” EP features 3 classic TLC tracks that have been re-recorded by TLC members T-Boz and Chilli. Including the number one singles “No Scrubs“, “Waterfalls” and “Creep“.

The tracks were recorded back in 2013 and were originally made for use in their VH1 biopic, ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story‘, which enabled the ladies to retain full control and publishing rights of their newly recorded versions, rather than the original tracks that remain under Sony ownership.

Kandi Burruss with TLC during the re-recording of the hits

A handful of the newly re-recorded hits were initially only available to Japan on their 20th anniversary album in 2013. Five of those tracks eventually made it onto the deluxe version of their self-titled album, ‘TLC‘, in 2017.

However, the re-recording of the classic “Waterfalls” was still missing from the collection and, until now, was unavailable for the public to enjoy on any music streaming platforms.

TLC were very vocal about the importance of owning their master recordings back in 2019 when Taylor Swift was making a decision to also re-record her past material. “You have to ask permission to use your own stuff”, T-Boz said. “We were in that situation with Sony. We re-recorded all of our own music. And we own our version of our masters, and we licence out our own version.”

Chilli adds, “And it sounds exactly the same. You can not tell the difference.” T-Boz continued her wise advice, “Just re-record your stuff and licence out your version. You’ll be good. Because, we make some money off of our publishing now! I own all of my publishing now.”

Fans worldwide are now able to enjoy the new versions of TLC’s biggest hit singles, and can have the added reassurance that playing these verisons of the songs will directly benefit the ladies of TLC and not the pockets of their former record label!

What are your thoughts on the new versions of the TLC hits?