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TLC In The Studio Working On New Music!


Following the epic premiere of TLC‘s intimate concert documentary Once In A Lifetime Sessions this week on Netflix, the girls have gone one step further to surprise their fans!

Tonight (Aug 2) it was revealed by Candace Wakefield, the talented singer-songwriter and vocal producer who assisted the girls on last years #1 self-titled album, that they are indeed working on some new music!

Got to work with BOTH my babies today“, Candace said excitedly on her Instagram. “I’ve always worked with them separate. It’s always a pleasure working with legends.”


She went on congratulate the ladies, stating that they did an ‘amazing job today‘ in the Los Angeles studio, signing off by saying new music is coming soon!

Producer Jovan Dawkins also let us know the girls were there in his studio earlier. Last month T-Boz was in the studio with Jovan recording a solo track for a movie soundtrack.


TLC have always been open to recording new music if the right project or soundtrack comes along, so surprises like this may occur more often, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can catch Chilli while she’s in LA at the Nike Basketball Celebrity 3ON3 Tournament at LA Live on August 3 at 7:30PM.


Tickets available at

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TLC ‘Once In A Lifetime Sessions’ now on Netflix!

TLC_2560X1440_HORIZONTAL (1).jpg


Once In A Lifetime Sessions is an original and unique music documentary series giving viewers the chance to get up close and personal with a specially chosen selection of today’s most celebrated music icons – including MobyTLCNile Rodgers and Noel Gallagher.

Filmed on location at some of the greatest studios around the world, the Sessions highlight the craftsmanship, artistic depth, incredible skill and talent of the artists whilst also showcasing their catalogue.

Each episode is dedicated to a single artist or group and features both an intimate live performance and a vinyl recording session. These are woven together with exclusive interview footage and a masterclass exploring the stories behind some of the most memorable songs of all time.

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TLC Appearance on Beat Shazam set to air in August!


TLC fans have been eagerly awaiting to see the episode of Beat Shazam featuring the iconic ladies!

We previously gave you the exclusive news that TLC were in attendance at the taping of the show in late December 2017.

According to TV Guide, the episode with TLC is scheduled to air on Tuesday August 7th at 8PM on FOX.

tlc-army-shazam (1)

Cousins, co-workers and best friends compete; and R&B group TLC makes a guest appearance“, the guide wrote about the upcoming episode.

So be sure to tune in to see our girls on TV, and to take part in the show to test your music trivia knowledge to Beat Shazam!

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TLC Concert Set To Premiere on Netflix August 1st!


TLC are set to make their debut on Netflix in August!

Remember the exclusive intimate concert we previously reported on back in Jaunary in LA? Well, the air date has finally been announced!


The Once In A Lifetime Sessions series is being released on Netflix US on August 1st, and will feature a full-length TLC concert which was filmed on January 22nd in Hollywood!

Only a limited number of fans were invited to attend the exclusive event. The series will go behind the scenes of the show and is one not to be missed!


Once in a Lifetime Sessions is a series of intimate performances featuring a variety of major artists.

In addition to TLC, other artists in the series include Moby, Nile Rodgers and Noel Gallagher.

The series follows the artists as they record, discuss, and perform their music at studios around the world.

The documentary features these four artists in its first season, with four additional episodes arriving later this year.

So, stay tuned to Netflix on August 1st!



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T-Boz Working On Solo Music For Movie Soundtrack!


The lead singer of TLC stays working! On the eve of the long awaited TLC album reaching it’s year long milestone, T-Boz announced that she is working on some magic in the studio!

This time it’s on a solo tip! T-Boz revealed that she is working on a new song that will feature on a movie soundtrack very soon!

We all know T-Boz brings the heat when she drops music for soundtracks. In the past she gave us “Touch Myself” for Fled, “My Getaway” for Rugrats in Paris and “Wanna Take Me Back” for Backstage: A Hard Knock Life.


She logged on to her Instagram to go live with her fans while she was in the studio working on music with producer Jovan J Dawkins. The pair decided to give a snippet of the song to the fans — as long as it wasn’t recorded and leaked!


One thing that definitely stood out on the slick production was some very distinct high vocals! T-Boz assured us that those high vocals were her own, and Jovan confirmed it was all T!

Everytime I do higher notes they think it’s not me!” T-Boz stated. “They’re gonna think it’s a background singer or something. Can you tell them that I can sing high myself?

She can sing! She has range” Jovan says. “She actually shocked me and my engineer Larry. She can sing them higher notes“.

Ray ‘Misster Ray’ Cunningham and the Roll Out Show‘s Nikki Pam also stopped by at the studio to show T-Boz some love!

We cannot wait to hear the finished song, it already sounds like a smash in the making! Stay tuned to find out when it will be released!

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TLC Were Supposed to Open For Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ Tour!

Michael-Jackson-King-Of-Pop-This-Is-It-Wallpaper-HD (1)

T-Boz recently stopped by at Steve Harvey‘s own talk show Steve to discuss her latest book, A Sick Life.

T-Boz is looking for a husband… and she will only allow Steve Harvey to be the matchmaker!

Steve stated he has had success with 6 marriages as a result of his love matchmaking using the Dating Pool segment of his show!


But for the first time, T-Boz revealed that TLC were going to be the opening act on Michael Jackson‘s 2009 ‘This Is It‘ comeback tour in London!

When discussing who she’d like to work with, T-Boz said “I’ve worked with Michael Jackson, like, he had us perform at his Save The Children tour. But I wanted to work WITH him! On the same stage, which we were supposed to open for his last concert.”

“I was about to pack up my house and everything, like, Chase, we’re going to live with Michael!

A TLC and Michael Jackson tour would have been something only dreams were made of! Although it wasn’t meant to be, the fact Michael chose our girls speaks volumes!

Check out the full interview on the Steve show below!

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T-Boz Opens Up About TLC Reality Shows, BET Awards, Weight Loss, Solo Music, DAYS and her ‘No Scrubs’ Inclusion


T-Boz is officially reprising the role of Sheila on the hit TV soap Days of our Lives for the third time this summer!

She is currently in the process of shooting her scenes in between her prior commitments, touring with TLC and carrying out charity work and events like T-Boz Unplugged.

T-Boz took some time out her hectic schedule on the set of Days to jump on her Instagram to connect with the fans!


Days of our Lives schedule

They are working me, because in between the TV show I am still doing tours and then I have a day off to travel and then come back on set. But I think I’m off set for a while because when they needed me I’m touring already so I think I’ll have to come back later. So I’m gonna miss doing DOOL for the rest of the next month. 

TLC Reality show

We’re thinking about it. I might. That kinda TV stuff depends on what it is, I’m not feeling reality right now. These [soap] shows that I’m doing now are way easier, and the pay is nice. And I’m done early enough to do dinner for my kids, and that matters a lot. Those kind of [reality] shows can take all day, a lot of waiting around.   


I am not a ballad person. Chilli is more of a ballad person than me.

No Scrubs background vocals

Yeah, I sang background vocals, maybe they left me out? But yeah, I sang on it. I don’t sweat the small stuff, y’all know my voice. I ain’t gotta trip. They should add me to the background vocals because I was on the background vocals.

TLC’s absence at BET Awards

Why wasn’t we at the BET Awards? You should ask them. For some reason I could have sworn that we were black. And for us to be the biggest selling American girl group of all time and we’re black, and you don’t have us on there? That’s wack. But it’s all good, I’m not tripping, I’m not begging nobody for nothing. 

T-Boz Unplugged 2018

October 14 is when I plan on doing T-Boz Unplugged this year. Don’t know who the hell is going to perform yet, because I have been tired and I’ve been working. But Brian [Amlani] has been on my ass about sitting down and picking who we can have perform this year. Summer time is tour time for a lot of artists so sometimes it’s hard to book people because of the scheduling not because they don’t want to.

Weight loss

It looks like I lost weight? A little bit. Sometimes food be good, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you bloat up, other stuff going on, I might have to take steroids for my sickle cell. And then you go down! But I’m not a shallow person, so I don’t be tripping. If my ass got big it got big, and if I got small I got small, ok? But thank you, though. 

Totally T-Boz

That show was wack as fuck. I did not like Totally T-Boz at all! I’m glad it was only 4 episodes because they didn’t let me be me and do me. That was just a depressing time in my life, I was going through a lot. I had just lost my spleen and almost died. Long story short, if you’re not gonna let me be me, there’s no need for me to be doing the show. 

Solo song on movie soundtrack and being allowed to work outside TLC

I’m going in the studio tomorrow. I’m doing a song for a soundtrack, so you’ll be hearing that come out for the movie, and it’s solo. And don’t nobody ask if it features Chilli because that would be a TLC song, and everything we do we don’t do together, because I’m tired of y’all acting like we’re joined to the hip! When Lisa was alive, ‘is it..’ no! If they’re involved, it’s TLC, if not, whatever! I guess we could have solo stuff and feature each other but it’s still to me like TLC a little bit, except for it’s not on a TLC album, but no it’s not Chilli being featured on the song, OK? We are not tied at the hip, y’all.