Listen: TLC Side by Side Interview


Chilli of TLC sat down for a Side by Side Amazon Music special, discussing her favorite artists, inspirations behind some of TLC’s greatest hits and the highlights of her career so far!

Chilli touches on many interesting and hilarious topics, including:

  • “Creep” being inspired by a situation T-Boz was going through
  • Why she adores the showmanship of Bruno Mars
  • Being scared of the big swing during the “No Scrubs” video
  • “Diggin’ On You” video using CGI to give the impression of a bigger concert
  • How she feels “It’s Sunny” is the albums “Happy” (Pharrell)
  • How she flipped the original “Scandalous” roles to empower females
  • Why being part of the Titty-Less Crew is a bonus when performing
  • Missing the albums first songwriting camp due to laryngitis
  • Freaking out over a fan who crawled towards her during “Red Light Special”
  • Why she loves Michael Jackson – and more!

Sony Music releases classic TLC remixes on digital formats


Following the epic release of TLC’s self titled 5th and final album last month, the world is still craving more TLC!

Sony Music stepped in to feed those needs today, as they released a healthy dose of TLC classic remixes previously unavailable digitally!


Amongst the tracks are some very rare remixes including a radio edit of “All I Want For Christmas“, the single mix of “Hat 2 Da Back“, “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg” with alternative lyrics and more!

You can hear the new releases on Spotify or you can purchase on iTunes!

T-Boz happy with TLC album but ‘wishes more could have been added’


In June, the R&B/pop duo TLC released their fifth studio album — and first recording in 15 years. “TLC” is also their final album, says Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins.

“I mean, it’s time,” Watkins said from Las Vegas, where she and TLC partner Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas were headlining the “I Love the 90s — The Party Continues” tour that pulls into the AVA at Casino del Sol on Sunday, July 23.

“We have a catalog of music so we can do residencies and stuff like that. It doesn’t mean it’s the end of TLC, but as far as a studio album, yeah, I believe so.”

“I’m happy” with the album, Watkins said, “but I wish I could have added more.” Watkins said TLC has been in talks about doing residencies in Vegas, which is convenient to her LA homebase. But so far nothing has been finalized.


“People are calling us but everything happens when it’s supposed to,” she said. “I don’t put a time on anything, not in this industry. You get your feelings hurt if you do.”

A signature of their show revolves around their often provocative, always energetic dance moves.

“That’s never going to stop. Until I’m decrepit and can’t walk no more, I will always dance, OK?” Watkins joked. “That is it. I’ll be in there bumping and chill my energy all the time.”

TLC hopes to have a remix album and Vegas residency!


In the recent interview with LA Times, TLC opened up about their hopes for the latest album, as well as wanting to put out a remix album at some point!

TLC’s last album, 2002’s “3D,” was completed using vocals from Lopes’ limited-released solo effort, “Supernova.”

The duo last made a comeback in 2013.

Then, a guest appearance on J. Cole’s “Crooked Smile” netted TLC its first major hit in more than a dozen years, and the group produced a VH1 biopic, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,” that became the highest-rated film in the network’s history.

“We have been really blessed,” Thomas said. “Its been 20-plus years, and we’ve never broken up. We’re never breaking up.”

It was the excitement over the VH1 film that led Reid to sign the group to a single deal with Epic Records. The deal spawned “Meant to Be,” its first single since 2003, but quickly soured and left TLC on its own again.

It might be TLC’s last new album, but the group hopes to do a remix album, is considering anniversary reissues and would like to play festivals. Additionally, the two are aggressively pursuing a residency in Las Vegas.

“We’re blessed to have a body of music, so why would you not live off that and take it a step further?” Watkins said. “We’ve put in all this work for 25 years — it’s time to work smarter, not harder.”

TLC score #1 UK R&B album!


Congratulations are in order for TLC this week!

We can reveal that the legendary girl group have debuted at #1 on the UK R&B chart with their self titled album, their first album since 2002’s 3D!

The album was also a top 3 hit in Germany and also reached #1 in Japan.

The girls will be touring Europe in October, including UK dates in November.

They are currently touring the US on the I Love The 90s The Party Continues tour.