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TLC + Cardi B Show Each Other Love on Social Media

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It’s refreshing to see positivity amongst successful women in the music industry, a field heavily driven by competition.

Competition is not the case, however, when it comes to the legendary TLC and the talented newcomer in the business, Cardi B!

Following last week’s revelation of Cardi B’s TLC references on her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, both T-Boz and Chilli have since praised and thanked Cardi for the love!

AYEEEEEE I’m so happy for Cardi B. You did yo thang!“, T-Boz said on Instagram. “Also, thank you for the TLC and Left Eye love! You look amazing prego. God bless.

Chilli followed up and said “Aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyeeeeee that’s wassup”.

Cardi B soon noticed the thanks from the girls and excitedly reposted, saying “Issa LEGEND!!! Thank you T-Boz, I [appreciate it]“.

Chilli responded (April 15) saying “Let’s work! Well… after u have the baby.”


With all the love and appreciative respect between TLC and Cardi B, it wouldn’t be so unimaginable to hope the girls unite musically to create some magic!

Maybe on a remix or something completely new! Either way, we love seeing all the love and support between the ladies!


T-Boz aka Sheila to Make a 2018 Return to DAYS


If you’re a true TLC fan you’ll have been following T-Boz playing the role of former convict Sheila in the hit daytime soap Days of our Lives in a reoccurring role since she began in 2016.

She returned in 2017 after her prison release to assist another prisoner, Bonnie Lockhart, in an elaborate plot to blackmail the Kiriakis for a big payout!

TLCs T-Boz as Sheila returns to jail with bad news 2017_1_2

During her time in the Kiriakis mansion, Sheila has posed as a maid, ordained a faux marriage and reunited with Eli Grant, her friend that got her arrested back in the day!

Things didn’t go to plan and she left town empty handed, which left fans wondering if it would be the last we’ve seen of Sheila Watkins!


Thankfully, T-Boz has hinted that Sheila may be returning to the soap! She responded to a fan on Instagram (April 4) who asked when she would return to Days of our Lives and said “I’m shooting now“.


Will you be tuning in to Days of our Lives to catch more of Sheila’s shenanigans?

Update: T-Boz will be next be seen again starting on September 13, according to the show’s taping schedule. 

TLCs T-Boz as Sheila returns to jail with bad news 2017_1_1.gif



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Original TLC ‘Get It Up’ Video Surfaces!


The existence of this TLC video was put into question by some fans over the years when a huge fan named Shaun told everyone he owned a copy of the original ‘Get It Up‘ video!

Well, Shaun finally got around to digging in his VHS (remember those?!) archives to prove the naysayers wrong by unleashing a sneak peak of this hidden treasure in his collection!


The background of this video? According to Tae Harmon, who was also featured in the video, it was shot in a movie theater in Atlanta.

She was included in a group shot in a hallway when all the attendees are dancing together with TLC. The video also includes Left Eye‘s sister Reigndrop Lopes!

However, after a meeting with LaFace Records, they decided the video wasn’t strong enough and opted to reshoot the video in Los Angeles, which is the video we have all grown to know and love!

Shaun may share the full video in the near future, but for now, enjoy the clip and let us know what you think about it!

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Cardi B Gives More Shouts to TLC on Debut Album!


Cardi B finally gave her fans what they have been waiting for this week, with the highly anticipated release of her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy‘.

Following the TLC mention in the album’s latest single ‘Be Careful‘, Cardi B continues to address the members of TLC on her album!

On the track ‘Thru Your Phone‘, Cardi B gives a nod to the legendary Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes!

The lyrics go: “I cannot stand you, right hand to Jesus, I might just cut all the tongues from your sneakers, smash your TV from Best Buy, you gonna turn me into Left Eye!”

Be sure to check the album out and let us know your thoughts!

Side note: Would you be here for a TLC collab with Cardi B?

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TLC To Perform at Their First Festival in Canada! (5)

TLC are ready to show some love to their fans over in Canada this summer!

The ladies will be performing at their first festival based in Canada on June 23, on the Soundtrack Music Festival at Kinsmen Park in Edmonton, Alberta.

They will be co-headlining with the legendary group Goo Goo Dolls! Other acts include Ma$e, Eve6 and a Spice Girls tribute act!

Tickets go on sale April 6 (presale on April 5). Get your tickets HERE!

Or if you’re feeling lucky, enter this COMPETITION to win tickets to the show!

Holla at us if you’ll be there!


TLC Talk Tomboys, Drag Acts and Their Appreciation of The LGBT Community


Have you ever been to a gay club when “No Scrubs” comes on? Because you’ve never seen anything gayer or more inspiring.
T-Boz and Chilli: (Laughs)
Chilli: You know what’s funny? One of my friends works for VH1 and, oh my gosh, it’s hilarious. He’s gay and I’m the only girl who could be his play girlfriend he tells me, and he always sends me – and, I mean, he just sent one the other day – video of when “No Scrubs” comes on, and he’s like, “Chilli, I love you!” And he’s singing and showing me everybody singing. It is crunk!

So, I take it you’re aware of your LGBT following? 
T-Boz: Oh, very aware. Very, very,very! The thing I love about our fans is, we’ve grown with them and they’ve grown with us. Some of them have kids now, so we have generations there. But, yes, we are very, very, very aware of the community, honey, ’cause all of our friends let us know. I love it!

When did you first know you had a gay following? 
T-Boz: I did a party around (1994’s) “CrazySexyCool” and that was one of the best parties I hosted. I learned so much! Like, I didn’t know there were certain terms and stuff! They hooked me up with a lot more knowledge of stuff that went on than I really realized. I was like, “Ohh?!” It was just such a free, fun party. No judging. No anything. It was just one of the best environments I had ever been in, so I thought that was cool. So, probably around ’95-ish when I was really aware.

What did you learn about the gay community that night? 
T-Boz: I learned what a top was, a bottom was. And versatile! (Laughs) I learned all of those terms! I was like, oh my god – this is so cool.
Chilli: Oh, Lord. Oh, Jesus. I wasn’t at that party!

Sounds like you really missed out, Chilli. When was your gay awakening then? Ha! 
Chilli: (Laughs) I don’t know why I feel weird saying it now, ’cause you already said it! The bottom part. And you know… the top. I keep laughing!

Ha! Moving on to the new album: Which songs on the new album do you hope become gay club anthems? 
Chilli: It’s funny that you kind of break it down like that. But really and truly, for me personally, I just kind of feel like when we make our songs, we make them for everybody. I mean, everybody. So, you never know who’s gonna like what the most. I guess we’ll find out in time by what song really speaks to whomever and what’s the most popular one that’s being played at certain clubs. It’s kind of harder to gauge that one for me.
T-Boz: I think “Perfect Girls.” The three I’ve heard mostly from my gay friends have been “Perfect Girls,” “Scandalous” and “Start a Fire.” Those are the top three. But I think “Perfect Girls” has a message that’s been universal no matter what sex you are – anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t love themselves from the inside out or have a goal they’re trying to reach but can’t ’cause they’re looking at people who they think are perfect. But there’s no such thing!

What do you remember of the LGBT community’s response to “Waterfalls” when it first came out?
T-Boz: We did a campaign for Pfizer, and there was a new cocktail out. We did seminars and it was really cool because we let it be known that there was a new drug from this company and it could help HIV/AIDS patients. They would come up to us; they felt like we were their voice. It was such an epidemic at the time, so they just felt like we were speaking for them.
Chilli: It was basically about bringing more awareness (to it) because nobody really talked about it. It was kind of just hush-hush, even though these things were happening. It was like, “People are getting sick, they’re dying and nobody is really talking about it much.”
T-Boz: People even said they thought about committing suicide and it helped save their lives. We started really seeing the seriousness of it, especially when we did charity events. We got a lot of calls for charity events for AIDS benefits, so it started making a really big difference. We basically got one of our wishes through that song, because we always wanted to help change and save lives.

Gay icon Bette Midler covered “Waterfalls” a few years ago – what was it like hearing her rendition? 
Chilli: That was an honor. It was an honor because she is legend, oh my god. That’s legendary right there! And not only that, but she contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. We were shocked. We couldn’t believe, like, “Bette Midler?!”

During “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Tatianna showed some TLC love when she did T-Boz drag. Did you tune in for that? 
T-Boz: (Laughs) I absolutely saw it and I loved it! I put it on my page; I reposted it.
Chili: I don’t think anybody ever has (dressed up as me). Maybe I’m boring! I’m no fun, I guess. (Laughs) I just got the long, wavy hair. And I don’t hardly wear any wake up, so I don’t think I’d be a fun person to dress up as, is what I’m thinking.
T-Boz: Yeah, I’ve seen T-Boz drag more than once, actually. It’s cool to see different renditions of myself. It makes you go, “Oh, that’show you see me!” (Laughs)

What do you remember from RuPaul’s visit to the set of the “No Scrubs” video in 1999? 
Chilli: I remember the first time I saw him – and at first I didn’t know even it was him because he wasn’t in drag! He was just walking around with no makeup and it was so funny. But then, when he smiled, it was like, “Oh, that is RuPaul.” You know that smile anywhere. And he was so sweet too. And really tall! (Laughs)
T-Boz: He just came to show love. He was just there to support us, which I thought was awesome. That was it. He was just showing love.

At the start of your career, you rocked a tomboy look. How intentional was your subversion of gender? And what did that do for your lesbian following?
Chilli: This is how we looked at it: We call ourselves “prissy tomboys” ’cause we’re super girly, but we’re tomboys at the same time, so we felt like we represented all the girls who did not feel comfortable wearing a tight dress. We represented that crew. Then lettin’ everybody know you don’t have to wear a tight dress to be sexy – it’s the attitude. So, even though we had baggy clothes and all that kind of stuff, we were still feminine, So, again, whoever gravitated toward that and felt comfortable, we helped them feel more comfortable. That’s how it was, because we didn’t wanna wear tight dresses! We still don’t really like dressing like that.

Did your style give the ladies the wrong idea – that you were lesbian? What do you remember of those rumors? 
T-Boz: I got most of it! They was always after me, child! (Laughs) All the lipstick lesbians – everybody! Child, I got everything. But that doesn’t bother us. Ultimately, no matter what your sexual orientation, we were standing up for anybody that felt like they didn’t fit in. We were letting them know you can still be sexy in boy clothes, you can rock this, you don’t have to be naked or half-dressed. You can be yourself and be just as fly.

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Chilli Wants Fans To Suggest The Next TLC Single From New Album!


Chilli took to the KAABOO festival Instagram account last week to promote the event TLC will be performing at in September!

She revealed that TLC are indeed considering another single from the album and want YOU to suggest what the song should be!

Credit: Dimension TLC

We’re always open to suggestions and you guys are always so involved with us anyway“, Chilli says. “And that’s how we love it“.

You can vote on your favorite song from the album below to voice your opinions and help the girls know what songs the fans are truly feeling and what should be the next single!