TLC launch anti-bullying campaign on Wednesday!


The legendary queens that are TLC are set to put a stop to bullying this Wednesday!

The ladies teased a launch of something special to encourage their fans to ignore the haters in their lives, build on their self confidence using a measure of motivators and make bullies think twice!

Could this be the debut of their inspirational music video for their anti-bullying anthem, “Haters”?

Stay tuned!

Chilli reveals a Left Eye interlude will be on new TLC album!


Chilli spoke exclusively to the lovely Emma Power on the Irish urban radio station RTE Pulse for an update on the latest in the world of TLC!

Chilli professed her adoration for UFC world champion boxer Conor McGregor and her excitement and nerves upon the release of the upcoming Kickstarter-funded TLC album released on June 30!

Chilli also revealed that the tribute to Left Eye on the album will come in the form of a heart felt TLC interview from back in the day, which carries the true, fun essence of Left Eye.

And why there aren’t any featured Left Eye raps on the album? “Somebody’s holding them hostage, and so they’re not letting anybody get them, so it’s whatever.”

Listen to the full interview below!

T-Boz signs 10,000 copies of her new book!


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TLC Kickstarter Update #36: Rewards are coming!


Hey Kickstarter Family, I hope that you have all been seeing the press and TV that TLC has been doing over the last week and how much they have credited you with them being able to produce this album.!

The Album is finally coming and we have been going through all the outstanding rewards that need to be fulfilled and we will be delivering them over the next couple of weeks. Would you kindly respond with any physical or email address changes so that we can be sure to send to the right address?

I will be sending more updates in the coming days and are excited to send you the album in a couple of weeks. Thank you again for your patience and support.

Best regards,

Bill Diggins

PS – Those needing to update their addresses for their rewards can email