T-Boz exposes charity boss for threatening to sue her!


T-Boz held a beautiful Q&A session at her recent booksigning at the Rich Auditorium in her hometown of Atlanta.

During the intimate chat, hosted by her good friend, music executive Shanti Das, she shared her emotional stories with her fans who were in attendance to support her new book, “A Sick Life“.

As well as the warm heartening stories of her hilarious memories of Left Eye, she also recounted the heartbreaking moments when her health was failing following her brain tumor surgery and battling her life-long condition, sickle cell disease.


Sounding off about her annoyance at the way Big Pharma take advantage of sick patients, by ploughing them with medication for profit rather than finding cures to rid people of their ill conditions, she also mentioned her frustration with the lack of support from the SCDAA.

In fact, despite reaping in $11m in donations recently, none of it has been seen or utilized in a useful manner! A member of the organization even had the nerve to challenge T-Boz for speaking out about them and threatened her with a lawsuit!

“I’m tired of it! We’re supposed to be in this together, to find a cure and save lives”, T-Boz explains.

Because the association disapproved of her revelations last month in her Hot97 interview outing the SCDAA for being unsupportive of her efforts to raise awareness, they had an issue.

“This is blasphemy!” the woman yelled. After T-Boz corrected her for misusing the term, she continued, “you’re going to hear from my lawyers!”

“Girl, please! Ain’t nobody scared of your lawyers”, T-Boz exclaimed. “I have the right to say who I want to work with and who I don’t like, and I don’t like you, you’re not doing your job!”

You can see some of the footage from the Q&A event below thanks to THEBLACKMEDIA.


TLC sign deal with ICM Partners


TLC are stepping up their game, as they increase their exposure and availability for further career opportunities!

The biggest selling US female group has signed with ICM Partnersaccording to Variety. ICM also represents artists such as Future, Rick RossNicki Minaj, J. Cole, Celine Dion, Brandy and Boyz II Men within the agency’s concerts division.

“ICM Partners is one of the world’s largest talent and literary agencies with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London”, the website states. “The agency represents creative and technical talent in the fields of motion picture, television, books, music, live performance, branded entertainment, and new media.”


After a 15 year absence from recording, the group released the #1 album “TLC” in June 2017, and embarked on a successful North American tour in the summer, as headliners on the I Love The 90s: The Party Continues tour, presented by the United Attractions Agency.

TLC continue to be mananged by Bill Diggins of Diggit Entertainment.

Big congratulations to both TLC and ICM Partners, who are now privileged to have such an iconic act on their roster to represent.


T-Boz touches on 2nd TLC single, European tour and Kickstarter money rumors!


T-Boz stopped by at V-103 today on the Big Tigger Show to promote her appearance at the Rich Auditorium hosted by Acapella Books to sign copies of her new book, “A Sick Life“.

During the interview T-Boz addressed the all the rumors, including the ludicrious accusations that she spent the TLC Kickstarter money on herself!

She also reassures fans that a second single and video from the recent TLC album will be coming soon, now that the US tour has been completed.

Outside of her struggles with sickle cell, T-Boz admits being a member of TLC has been the biggest challenge in her life! “They be driving me crazy! Absolutely bonkers. It’s hard to be in a girl group, and not break up, too!”

T-Boz also explains why the European TLC tour was postponed so that she could recover from her long-term neck and back injury, which was worsened by not resting on the I Love The 90s: The Party Continues tour this summer.

Check out the candid interview below!


Watch: The Best of Sheila.. so far!


Our very own T-Boz aka Sheila has been kicking up a storm in Salem since she made her debut in the summer of 2016!

Sheila went from making Hope Brady’s life a living hell in prison, to playing the queen bee between Bonnie and Adrienne Kiriakis!

A year on, Sheila is still making her mark in Days, and she has only just begun!

Check out the highlights of her appearances on the show and look forward to the next chapter!


T-Boz: “I never date alone! All my friends come with me!”


Amber Rose and Dr. Chris Donaghue excitedly welcome T-Boz to Loveline!

T-Boz talks about her new book, “A Sick Life” and the many meanings of that title.  She also joins Amber and Dr. Chris in taking calls about Hot Wifing, a man’s boyfriend who is secretly married with kids and how to get better in bed!

T-Boz also explains why she always brings friends along to her first dates, why she’d rather be hurt by the truth instead of lied to and touches on why she doesn’t like to watch porn!

Credit to Thembisa Mbengashe

Final TLC Kickstarter Vinyl Rewards To Be Delivered Mid-November


TLC have been blessed with a steadily busy schedule this year, releasing their 5th and final #1 independent album, as well as embarking on an extensive North American tour this summer!

To make the album possible, the ladies were funded by the fans via Kickstarter, and as a thank you, fans were given rewards in various forms, ranging from intimate meets at the studio, signed memorabilia and more!


The majority of these rewards have been completed. The final reward of signed copies of their new album on vinyl is almost ready for fans eligible!

The vinyl manufacturers have shipped the vinyls to the office and the girls will be signing them together next week in Atlanta!

Backers can expect their rewards to be delivered mid-November and will be notified via Kickstarter when the items have been individually shipped!


In the meantime, keep spinning the album on Spotify and you can still purchase physical copies on Amazon today!


T-Boz as Sheila reunites with Eli as the plot thickens!


Sheila takes a break from her faux maid role for a stroll and bumps into a friendly old face in the form of Eli Grant (Lamon Archey)!

Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) isn’t aware of their connection with each other, so they are forced to form an elaborate story on the spot!

Whilst returning to the Kiriakis mansion, Sheila receives some good news from Bonnie about her new plans to get her way with the Kiriakis and finally get Sheila her big pay cut!


Sheila wanted to know what Bonnie knew about Victor. Bonnie didn’t want to tell her. Bonnie wanted to get her revenge on Maggie. Sheila wanted her revenge on Maggie too! Bonnie wanted to know why. Sheila didn’t want to tell her.