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TLC Co-Sign 2019 Dance Remix of “Creep” By DJ Lauren Lane


International DJ Lauren Lane may have dropped techy beats on stages from Coachella to Ibiza, but deep down, she’s just a TLC-lovin’ ’90s kid like a lot of us.

That’s why she’s snagging some of the girl group’s CrazySexyCool energy and launching her label, Recreation, with a bumpin’ club remix of the 1994 hit “Creep.”

T-Boz‘s familiar infidelity bounces with new verve over a steady tech-house beat. It’s less slinky than the original with a lot more late-night rave mischief.

The remix has been officially sanctioned by TLC’s surviving members, and Lane called the co-sign nothing short of “an honor.”

Lauren Lane

Lane’s take on “Creep” is out Friday, Sept. 13, on Recreation, but the DJ and producer put together a hypnotizing visualizer exclusively for Billboard Dance that you can check out below.

What do you think of this updated 2019 club remix of TLC classic?

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Tatianna as T-Boz on RuPaul’s Drag Race


Did you guys catch the amazing Tatianna last week giving us some T-Boz realness on season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?!

She gave us an outstanding performance and did T-Boz proud!

What did you think of Tatianna’s T-Boz transformation?

RuPaul is actually a huge fan of TLC and has always shown them love over the years, even being present at their video shoots for Creep and No Scrubs!

RuPaul on the TLC “Creep” video set in 1994 with T-Boz and Left Eye